San Camp

San Camp Botswana Location: Makgadikgadi Salt Pans
No. of rooms: 6
Style: White canvas desert safari tents
Highlights: Staying in one of the most romantic tents in the world
Dining: In the mess tent
What’s the difference: We’ve just returned from San Camp and within five minutes of arriving it had become our favourite camp in the whole of Africa – the white dreamy morroccan style tents are cool and breezy situated amongst the doum palms which offer shade, the sun rises behind you and sets in front of you creating a vast array of colours across these huge salt pans – quad bike, game viewing, sundowners, dinner under the stars, san bushmen trance dances, walking with san bushmen trackers, there are no limits to the possibilities here and no Botswana itinerary is complete without it. This camp had a real affect on us and we don’t want anyone to miss it.
The Luxury Safari Co Award for: Best camp in Africa. Full stop.

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San Camp Botswana is the Stewart Granger Memorial Collection of 1940s safari tents, with bucket showers, flush loos, four-poster beds, mosquito net canopies, percale sheets, and paraffin lamps. There is no electricity at San Camp.  Six white canvas tents twinned with a dramatic location, combine to create an oasis of civilization in what can be the harshest of stark environments.

Jack’s Camp and San Camp are unique in that they are the only permanent camps to offer a chance to explore and understand the Kalahari. Desert palms line the horizon and through the tent flaps, the Makgadikgadi Pans run over the horizon. A relic of one of the world’s largest super-lakes, the Makgadikgadi dried up thousands of years ago as a result of the continued shifting of the earth’s crust.

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