Listen… Can you hear it? Listen again… can you hear it now? Well, it’s probably because you haven’t booked it yet – you’re currently hearing the sounds of the hustle and bustle of city life and not the soft lapping of small waves breaking on sandy white beaches, the sun dancing over sun kissed skin, delicious smells and laughter coming from the kitchen rustling up scrummy delights. Medjumbe, that is all you need to hear really!

Nestled into Mozambique’s Quirimbas Archipelago is Medjumbe Island. Here the average weather is 28 degrees Celsius, there are 12 beachfront pool villas, sweeping 360-degree panoramic views of the Indian ocean, vibrant scuba diving, snorkelling and other water sporting activities on this blissfully romantic private island escape set alongside a natural marine park.

The dining on this private island is all about freshness – from the fruit served at breakfast, home-made granola and yoghurts, to sumptuous and delightfully coloured grown vegetables the freshly caught fish for lunch and supper, combine this with the fresh air, sun, sea and sand. From Jahazi, Bahari Lounge Var or picnicking on the Quissanga Island you are undoubtedly spoiled for choice. You will go away from this fabulous island feeling rejuvenated and refreshed – and probably not willing to depart in the first place!

Activities vary like the tide. It ebbs and flows in whatever direction you require it to go. Whether you simply just want to relax on the beach or in your room, or whether you want to set sail in search of dolphin, whales and other marine life and land on your own deserted island to leaping into the warm crystal-clear waters to admire the vibrant marine life below, you can make this stay what you want.

If you were to take anything from this blog, then please just google earth Medjumbe Island – it’s ten times better than searching for your home address anyway!