Miavana is set on approximately 37,000 acres on Nosy Ankao in northern Madagascar and it took 4 years to build this impressive eco resort, the island consists of 14 luxury villas and the main village.

The incredible biodiversity of the island means the activities are unrivalled and nature packed- Lemur treks, snorkel or scuba dive in the warm crystal clear Indian ocean water, Kite surf, Fly fish for giant trevally, paddle board, walk through the forests, witness turtles laying eggs in the sand, boat trips to see whales and manta rays or pamper yourself in the luxury spa.

The village hosts divine views and a multitude of chilled relaxing spaces, the infinity pool sits in the main area and one has choices of either private, beach dining or sipping a chilled drink on the rooftop bar. They have an array of interesting treasures collected from around Madagascar such as sunken treasure and dinosaur bones take a look at these interesting artifacts collected my Jean Christophe Peyre who has been an adventurer in Madagascar for the last 25- years. Jean Christophe Pyre’s passion for conservation and harmoniously developing ways for local communities to sustain themselves led him to along with local conservation efforts reduce net fishing, monitor wildlife and the 4 different types of turtles that nest there all year round. The island also boasts 85% endemic wildlife and flora and continued efforts to protect the natural beauty of the island.

Guest are invited to experience the luxury and simple sustainable fight to protect natures wild places by empowering local communities.

The villas have bedroom options of either 1,2,3 and a study that can be turned into a kids room each villa has direct access to the beach and warm waters. Strung along the west end of the island each villa has its own kitchenette, lounge, private deck and private pool which overlook the sea and mainland Madagascar in the distance, cruise around the island in your own electric buggy, the village piazza, aquatic center or beach lounge are just a drive away.

The beautiful tropical coral is just on your doorstep and you can jump in for a quick snorkel at any time. The colours in the décor perfectly match the surrounds of the island and ocean.

Getting there is pretty easy the following international airlines fly into either Antananarivo, Diego Suarez or Nosy Be – Air France, Air Austral, Air Seychelles, EWA, Mauritian Airways, Kenya Airways, South African airlines or Private Jet Charter. From there the rest of the journey is either domestic flight or helicopter flight to the island. A friendly management team and staff are there to welcome you into this island paradise.