We have received some updates from the North Island

Watching the sun go down with a cocktail in hand is undoubtedly one of those things that needs to take place on an island like this so they have sent us a list of their 5 favorite spots to spend the ‘golden hour’

  1. At the north of the island sits Sunset cocktails at the West beach Sunset bar, watch the sky dramatically change color and have a bite to eat after if you fancy it.
  2. Sunset Champagne and canapés at the base of spa hill on the east of the island. Sit on granite rock, sip Champagne and make out appearing stars.
  3. Sunset Picnic at Honeymoon beach is a must do. Book the whole beach, customize your picnic basket and paired drinks, sit back at enjoy the ultimate private sunset.
  4. Sunset cruise round the island, take to the sea for a heavenly sunset cruise and views of the north island.
  5. Sunset ‘at home’ in your villa. Enjoy the sunset from the comfort of your home away from home which will be stocked with all your favorites.

Meet Julio Fred

The head bartender who joined the North Island team 5 years ago after working in restaurants, other private islands and training at the Hospitality and tourism center is a skilled mixologist. His creativity is a welcomed surprise for guest who sometimes receive a completely new creation from Julio. He is in the process of writing his own cocktail book and he can be found at west beach so go give his scrumptious cocktails a try.

Or here’s an option give his Pina colada recipe a go


1/2 fresh ripe pineapple

50ml 8-year old Takamaka rum (or dark rum of your choice)

25ml coconut rum

75ml fresh coconut milk

Handful of ice

Coconut water / water


Pulse all ingredients in a blender until smooth.

At North Island, we can substitute the fresh coconut milk made on the Island for a scoop of our homemade coconut ice cream to add a touch of indulgence.

Adjust the consistency with coconut water/water if needed.

Serve in a chilled glass and garnish with a wedge of pineapple.

A huge amount of effort has been put into the conservation of the North island in the Seychelles, and its incredible natural beauty. A large selection of alien plants and animal species invaded the island after the 1970’s. Today almost 30% of the island has benefited from rehabilitation, invasive plants are continually cleared and replaced with indigenous plants grown in the nursery. The north island is also the largest island to have been completely de-ratted as they call it, and domestic species such as goats, cats and cattle were also removed. Invasive flora was replaced by indigenous species and populations of nesting turtles and birds have increased. The population of the endangered Seychelles White- Eye has quadrupled since its reintroduction, these islands have been referred to as the “laboratories of evolution” and we enjoy receiving updates on their continued efforts to preserve this pristine habitat.