We have also been at Pioneer Camp… one to watch:

On our morning game drive, we tied this in with a quick visit to Serengeti Pioneer Camp, not too far from Serengeti Safari Camp. This idyllic camp is nestled into the side of a hill just above a small running river – as we made our way up to the camp we spied three lions lounging on the branch of an acacia tree, followed quickly by a huge male lion making his way across our pathway. A nearby dik dik made off pretty quickly, good thing as this small antelope is merely a small snack for these lions!

We winded our way up a slight slope and came to the entrance of Serengeti Pioneer Camp and were welcomed with open arms by the general manager. He offered us refreshing drinks and pointed us up towards the direction of the main mess area. We climbed some stairs and walked into the cosiest open plan living room with the most amazing view over the Serengeti plains. They had strategically placed mirrors on the back wall so whichever way you turned you could not miss the view!

The accommodation is stunning and embodies a very glamorous colonial type feel as a theme throughout. Canvas styled tents, with sumptuous beds and nik naks from pith helmets, old fashioned trunks and a wonderful old styled shower and copper sinks.

Each tent is relatively close to one another but all quite private once inside and I don’t think you would feel like you were too on top of one another – for a safety element, the paths are not the safest, but this is Africa and it wonderful how the camp still uses the natural lay of the land and apart from the tents and main mess area, if you were to move it all away, you would never know there had been a camp there before.