If you’d like to safari in private then look no further than Tanzania and The Luxury Safari Co – we specialise in the best private safaris across Africa, always making sure you have access to the best private guides and private safari lodges and camps, but it is Tanzania which still has the really wild open spaces, with no people and abundant game. We go the extra mile and make sure that everything is included when you take a Tanzania private safari so that you literally don’t have to worry about a thing. We can do anything you like when it comes to private safaris – one of our favourite recommendations is a private mobile camp, we have rigs which are varying levels of luxury, from ultra luxurious to very rustic, all of which will take you into some of the most pristine areas of Tanzania ever seen. One thing that never changes is your private guide, we always use the best private guide whose knowledge and enthusiasm is infectious. You will have a private camp in a completely private area with abundant game and a freedom unrivalled when staying in a shared camp – if there are four of you this can even be more economic than many of our luxury lodges and camps, but don’t worry if there are only two, it is still very good value for money.

If you’d prefer a more permanent camp when you take a Tanzania private safari then Little Chem Chem Bushcamp in Northern Tanzania offers a good starting place when comparing private camps – this camp can be taken exclusively, but is best if you have at least six or eight people for that, it is also an exquisite option for you if you are just two as the camp is only five tented suites, so very intimate and relaxed. Little Chem Chem and Chem Chem Lodge are set in a vast private area bordering Tarangire in Northern Tanzania. As the area is completely private you can literally do what you want and the camp also use this to their advantage by organizing small surprises for you, which cannot be organised in government run areas such as Lake Manyara National Park. Anti poaching in private areas is usually much much better as there is more money to spend. In Northern Tanzania people tend to simply stick to the parks which can mean they are very restricted and have to remain in a game drive vehicle all day – help us plan this for you and we’ll suggest areas which offer a much more varied day to day activity list.

When looking into a private safari Tanzania there are many factors we consider for our clients, to make sure that their private safari is exactly what they want, and to make sure we pick the right safari property. We are in Tanzania regularly throughout the year to make sure we are fully up to date on all developments in the private safari sector – one area which we feel is often overlooked but provides one of the most off the beaten track private safaris in the whole of Africa is Saadani National Park in Southern Tanzania. A private safari in Tanzania can take in many different areas but this is perhaps the most wild, with a wild bushveld that leads onto an Indian Ocean coastline. Seeing lions paw prints in the sand is a fantastic experience.

On any private safari throughout Tanzania it’s not a very common sight to see giraffe going for a stroll along the beach, unless you happen to be staying in Tanzania’s Saadani National Park. Journeys of giraffe are seen close to Sanctuary Saadani Safari Lodge where guests are truly able to combine a beach and African bush experience. Saadani National Park is the only park within Tanzania that sprawls down to the ocean shore, so the sightings of a giraffe taking a leisurely stroll upon the sandy shores are’t that unusual. Within this park you will see an array of wildlife, from the big five to mesmerizing fish and the synonymous green turtle.

The Sanctuary Saadani Safari lodge is pure luxury down to a T. Constructed upon stilts, the 17 hidden suites blend into the natural habitat surrounding them. Located upon the southern shores of the Wami River, game drives and river excursions wait at your fingertips anticipating the discovery of Lions lounging beneath a tree, or perhaps below your suite – this is private Tanzania at it’s best and if you want to be completely seduced by the hypnotic scenery, River Lodge’s Wami Suite is not only a private villa, but its own unique hideaway within the camp. With 2 bedrooms and en suite bathrooms, it has its own living room and dining room, plus its own alluring infinity pool, where you can observe nature at its best within the luxurious surroundings of the this private getaway.

Private safaris in Tanzania are undoubtedly some of the most luxurious in Africa – Northern Tanzania is always done with a private guide, we use the best company in Tanzania for this and have handpicked our private guides to make sure you truly do have the best for your own private safaris in Tanzania. We specialise in adding in little details and excursions to our private safaris Tanzania, which others will not even have heard of. Due to the great knowledge and experience of our private guides in Tanzania you can rest assured that your private safari will be a unique and rewarding one.

We are constantly being kept up to date on private safaris Tanzania by our ground agents and colleagues in Tanzania itself – we recently heard of a new camp, Lake Eyasi Tented Camp. Situated just slightly West of Arusha this camp is in a stunning location with views of Eyasi and the lake. The area is home to the Hadza and Datoga tribes, these people are fascinating and real highlight to meet. Private safaris here are certainly exclusive as the camp is only made up of ten tents and to walk out with the Hadza bushmen, and learn the way they track and forage is amazing.

The recent renovation of Maramboi camp has also been a huge success and this lovely camp which looks directly onto Lake Manyara, with views of the Rift Valley escarpment, has now been refurbed to a high standard and will provide those who want it with a family unit which has two interconnecting rooms. As you have your own private guide when on safari with us you can come and go as you please from your luxury safari camp and spend as much time game viewing as you like – we never ever limit mileage or hours spent out with the wildlife, we can’t imagine anything worse than seeing lions in the distance and being told that it goes beyond your allocated mileage, that goes completely against out ethos of freedom to do as you please.

When booking a Tanzania private safari there are many factors to consider, but this is where picking our intimate knowledge of Tanzania apart can be very useful. In fact we’re pretty obsessed with this wonderful country and there isn’t an area or a camp we don’t know. We work with the two best ground agents Asilia and Nomad, and our clients really do get the most unique off the beaten track luxury experience that Tanzania needs to offer. Beware of booking Tanzania on a budget – this is Africa’s most expensive country where you really do get what you pay for, i.e. if you are on a budget you might not get a good guide, your accommodation will be shabby and you will end up in the busiest tourist areas.

One of the best areas of Tanzania for getting off the beaten track and really going private is Lamai, a small section of the Northern Serengeti, which borders the Masai Mara in Kenya. Here game viewing is amazing and there are only two very luxurious camps, so you won’t be in area overcrowded with tourists. We recently had an update from Asilia who run Olakira Lamai in this area, they have rebranded Olakira Lamai as Kimondo Camp which reduces confusion when it comes to their other camp also known as Olakira.

Kimondo Camp is a seasonal migration camp that will operate in both areas of the Serengeti (depending on where those Wildebeest are). It will only operate in the more remote corners of the Serengeti and the emphasis here is to avoid the crowds – we love that ethos. The camp has only 8 luxury tents and 3 vehicles so the footprint on the environment is as low as possible. These camps are moved into strategic positions to allow guests to game viewing without minibuses and low end operators, many of whom do not behave responsibly around the wildlife.