Royal Chundu Island Lodge is set on it’s own island in part of the Zambezi River and is truly paradise. This amazing river has a calm spirituality to it which is only enhanced by the luxury of the lodge itself. Tina and her team do an amazing job with a special emphasis on responsible tourism, pouring time and money into the local community. Royal Chundu’s Island Lodge has a peace and tranquillity to it which is very hard to find and envelopes one as soon as you arrive. Hippos snort and splash nearby and huge crocs bath open mouthed on the far banks of the mighty Zambezi. The bird life is sensational and cannot fail to draw one’s attention.

Victoria Falls is a tourist haven so to stay out of it all at Royal Chundu is one of the best ways of doing this area – you can dip into a tour of the falls for a morning but spend the rest of your time in this area learning about the true superstar here, the Zambezi River. Days are spent lounging on the deck of your room enjoying gourmet food and exceptional hospitality provided by Tina and her crack team of friendly and warm staff members.

Royal Chundu’s Island Lodge is a whole world of it’s own, set on an island in the middle of the Zambezi it’s glory knows no bounds and a stay here will set Africa alight for you from the moment you land. From this amazing lodge you feel deeply immersed in Zambezi river life and it’s beguiling flowing curves.

From either lodge one can be as active or in-active as you wish, there’s something for everyone here and you can take part easily in any of the local extreme sports (white water rafting, heli flips, bungee jumping to name a few) or simply relax and kick back, taking in the calming and soothing flow of the river next to you.