When one goes on a luxury safari they really do expect to see views, and we don’t blame them – the vast skies and vistas of Africa are the thing that is perhaps most mesmerising about this amazing continent, and they are what people crave when they are not there. Luckily many of the luxury safari camps and lodges that we work with make the most of these amazing views by perching themselves high on the surrounding savannah – this means many a day can be spent admiring unbelievable views all around you – you’ll find on these luxury safaris that it’s so beautiful it will take your breath away. Here are our top ten rooms with a view.

Wolwedans – Namibia

Although the Wolwedans properties are not elevated the scenery in this area is magical – each room has it’s own view of the surrounding desert and beautiful purple mountains. The colours are ever changing and although it looks stark and baron, on closer inspection you will find there is always something to see. Here you will see the ultimate desert-scape with ever changing colours and shades to marvel at.

Leopard Hills – Sabi Sands, South Africa

The Sabi Sands is actually quite flat but Leopard Hills is built partly on an elevated cliff overlooking pristine Sabi Sands game viewing territory – often you don’t have to go far from camp before finding something amazing. The views are full of life and you can often watch wildlife go about it’s daily business just below you. Some rooms are not elevated, and are located in the bush – this is also equally as exciting, but the rooms with views are very special.

Marataba Safari Lodge – Waterberg, South Africa

Here the Waterberg Mountains stretch before you and from no matter where you are in the lodge you can enjoy these dramatic views – often there are elephants drinking from the stream in front of camp, and this just completes this amazing picture. These mountains hold much mystery and the atmosphere in camp is very calm and peaceful.

Chindeni Camp – South Luangwa, Zambia

Chindeni is a small extremely luxurious bush camp which has wonderful views of the Chindeni Mountains and a lovely lagoon directly in front of camp. One often hears the alarm call of baboons as you relax in your hammock during the afternoon, and you know a leopard is close by. The mountains here are phenomenal and since the rest of the park is quite flat, to begin or end with Chindeni with its fantastic views is a great combination.

Sussi & Chuma – Victoria Falls, Zambia

Sussi & Chuma Lodge is made up of luxury treehouses and a high main area which is extremely comfortable, here the views of the Zambezi River are maximized and you can often watch hippos and crocodiles go about their daily business from your room, of course there is often wildlife which passes underneath your treehouse and the walkways too.

Tassia Safari Lodge – Laikipia, Kenya

This lodge is built at the same height as birds soar, and it appears that the whole of Northern Kenya stretches out beneath you. The vistas are endless and you cannot believe your eyes when you first enter the lodge. Each room is built to maximize the views and you will find yourself simply staring out into the dry riverbeds and red dusty bush, which is often full of elephants.

Angama Mara – Masai Mara, Kenya

Angama Mara is the newest luxury camp to be taking Kenya’s luxury safari industry by storm – it is located on the huge escarpment which overlooks the Mara and as such has the most amazing views over the plains below – this is so romantic that you’ll never want to leave, and the rooms are to be very modern, chic and luxurious. Angama will certainly be one to reckon with when it comes to Kenya’s top camps and lodges.

Ol Donyo Lodge – Chyulus, Kenya

This luxury lodge has one of the best views of Kilimanjaro in Africa and to wake up to this amazing mountain view, from your room every morning, is quite something. Every single room also has a star bed on top so you can sleep out under the twinkling stars if you prefer. Ol Donyo is one of Kenya’s most remote and luxurious lodges and offers guests the chance to get off the beaten track and still experience one of the best luxury safaris in the business.

Lamai Nomad – Serengeti, Tanzania

This camp is dreamy, here you have views all the way to Kenya which can include abundant wildlife, since this area is very densely populated. The lodge itself is built into a stunning rocky outcrop and is tranquil and peaceful in style and look. This area is fascinating thanks to it’s varied topography, rivers and plains, and it has people returning time after time due to the amazing game viewing.

Sand Rivers Selous – Southern Tanzania

Sands Rivers is one of the most famous luxury safari properties in the world and we’re not surprised. It’s views of the river and the purple mountains in the distance are very tranquil and you will immediately start to feel relaxed. The lodge itself is very very comfortable but informal too and has a charm to it which is very hard to put into words, but makes you feel instantly at home.