Sarara Camp and Sarara Treehouses are two of our favourite camps in Northern Kenya – owner run, these camps have huge heart and soul and are also incredibly remote, getting you off the beaten track with amazing cultural and wildlife experiences. Their sleep out under the stars is not to be missed and the drama of the landscapes here really stirs the soul. Here we have an excellent update for you from their numerous projects and goings on:

The Formidable Strength of Samburu Women United in Spirit & Song: This International Women’s Day, Sarara shared a very special video of their Milk Mamas singing a song during their visit to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. Their song – which was performed in a call-and-answer format – praised Reteti and the elephant orphans for the blessings they bestow on the Mamas. The link between the Samburu people and the wildlife is incredibly strong, and the video shows a very moving moment between the women of Samburu and the elephant orphans who are being brilliantly cared for before reintegration to the wild at Reteti Elephant Orphanage.

Together Against the Flames: An Incredible Team Effort: When a ravaging blaze broke out in Namunyak a week ago, an incredible collaboration ensued on the ground. Sarara’s Rangers and Grazing Team worked tirelessly until the last embers were extinguished, while Mount Kenya Trust provided much-needed support through the deployment of fire beaters. Their efforts highlighted the importance of collective action in protecting Kenya’s natural resources. Bush fires are sadly common, especially during a drought, and quick action is always needed to ensure they don’t get out of control. Fighting bush fires is not for the faint hearted and the passion and perseverance of the team really shone through when fighting this particular fire.

Samburu Community Receives Emergency Response Training: Living and working in a remote location like Kenya’s northern frontier comes with many challenges affecting people’s wellbeing and health – and members of Sarara’s staff and the community must have excellent first-aid skills, after all, it is not always possible to reach a doctor as quickly as you would like when in one of the most remote regions of Kenya. Sarara were thrilled to welcome back the incredible team from the Global Foundation for International Cardiac and Community Services (Global FICCS) when they visited them recently to host training sessions. You never know when this kind of invaluable training could save a life.

Heading up to this remote region is both humbling and life changing, as you experience the Samburu culture at its most authentic by seeing their villages, singing wells and cattle. On top of this this amazing area offers exceptional wildlife viewing with leopard, elephant and buffalo in abundance as well as plains game and some of the most beautiful birds in Kenya. Sarara’s homely and welcoming atmosphere is second to none, and their private Reteti House is elegant and luxurious beyond words. We can’t wait until the next time we’re up there, sitting happily watching elephant drink below the camp and exploring this remote area while never seeing another tourist.