Located within the Quirimbas Achipelago off the coast of Mozambique lies Vamizi. Just picture it, lying on a sumptuous bed, bare feet toying with the warm white sand, the noise of small waves lapping methodically on the shore, a warm breeze dancing over sun kissed skin – sounds bliss right? Well, Vamizi is the place for you.

This secluded and truly luxurious destination within the archipelago consists of 13 stunning villas equipped with beautiful luxury fittings, it embodies a relaxed informal style throughout. Each of the luxury villas are over 170 sqm giving you ample space to really relax and unwind. The food is sensational, second to none some would say – fresh fruits and freshly caught fish on the menu daily. The majority of dining is done in the main area, underneath a thatched canopy of coolness. You can equally enjoy dining within the privacy of your own villa or in the new Castaway restaurant on the southern side of the island – now this is a place not to miss out on.

Vamizi is true perfection when it comes to luxury, it really is heaven on earth – gin clear shallow waters as well as one of THE top dive sights just around the corner for those keen scuba divers. Vamizi is the perfect escape for families and groups of friends. The area is unbelievably enticing for not just snorkelers but scuba divers with endless kaleidoscopic reefs to explore. Nestle into corners on the coast line to enjoy deliciously prepared castaway picnics, enjoy traditional sunset dhow jaunts with a cool glass of rosé in hand – other tipples are of course available! Give deep sea fishing a go or watch closely throughout the season for the hatching of baby green turtles as they emerge from the sands and scurry down to the shore line.

There are over 180 species of unspoiled coral along with a further 400+ species of electrically coloured reef fish. The surrounding area has been labelled as one of the healthiest coral reef ecosystems throughout the world, something keen divers would be remiss to miss!

Complete natural luxury inspired by the surrounding nature, direct access to crystal white beaches with velvet textured sand, stunning beach walks where you can lose yourself in your own thoughts and be surrounded by pure calm. Outstanding marine life with excellent snorkelling and scuba diving areas, plus an abundance of nesting and breeding green turtles on protected idyllic beaches, unspoiled by man – what’s not to like?!