Machaba Safaris

Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe is Home to Super Herds of Elephants, moving in graceful silence, a presidential parade of elephant’s treks through the grasslands and desert sands. As they travel, a dust cloud rises in their wake. No vision epitomises Hwange National Park more.

Almost 100 years ago, Hwange declared a national park. The park’s purpose was to conserve and protect the immense numbers of wildlife species and their precious habitats. Since then, the dense woodlands and desert sands have provided a home to an unbelievable abundance of wildlife.

Experience this national park and take a look at Machaba’s camps in Hwange, experience authentic wildlife encounters and allow this iconic park to take up residence in your heart as it has done for everyone that visits it.

Machaba has two camps in Hwange National Park, Verney’s Camp and Deteema Springs. Verney’s Camp is situated in a remote south-eastern part of Hwange National Park, the camp is on a private concession that is not open to regular park visitors. Verney’s Camp is on a large open floodplain surrounded by mopane and teak forests in which Machaba Safari’s tents are tucked. The accommodation at Verney’s Camp is a masterful blend of modernity, cofort and exposure to untamed wildlife. The designer tents are inspired by the spirit of safaris of old, with the convenience of running hot and cold water, flush toilets and electricity offering guests the best of both worlds.

The size of the herds and the variety of animal species is spectacular. Highlights include the buffalo and elephant herds, and the predatory leopards, lions, and packs of African wild dogs. A night drive is an adrenalin rich experience. Travelling in a customised open-air game vehicle armed only with a spotlight and the knowledge of your guide, you will learn how to discern the growls and howls of predators and the scent of prey. It is nature as its most primal. Migrating herds of buffalo and elephant come to drink from Verney’s Pan as do large herds of plains game including the protected Roan antelope. This high concentration of wildlife is irresistible to predators, especially packs of African wild dogs and regal looking lions.

Deteema Springs is a small concession area in a well-known northern region of the Hwange National Park. Close to the Deteema dam, the camp is perched on a slight rocky rise above permanent water springs, offering magnificent views of large concentrations of animals, including elephants. While night safaris are not allowed due to park regulations, Deteema offers amazing opportunities for walking safaris and viewing wildlife from the comfort of the camp. Once a historical picnic site, Deteema Springs Camp rests on the shoulder of a small rise dotted with boulders and fringed by teak and mopane forests. The camp offers views of the seep to the one side and the Deteema dam to the other. This location offers the perfect environment in which to immerse yourself in natire by taking a walking safari. Your experienced Machaba guide will draw your attention to the details that form part of a bigger story, such as beetles, animal droppings, scents, sounds and spoor.

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