North Lake Malawi

The North of Lake Malawi offers the most dramatic scenery with stunning cliffs and private coves. Lake Malawi is known as one of the cleanest fresh water lakes in the world and offers over 500 endemic cyclid fish which can be seen by guests who take the old fashioned English sport of rock pooling out to Malawi with them – or take advantage of the exquisite snorkeling and diving opportunities. All lodges regularly check their water for lake born diseases so you can rest assured it is perfectly safe.

Chintheche offers some of Lake Malawi’s best beaches and there is also a Bandawe Mission site very close by so you can catch a dose of culture too. Nkata Bay was discovered by David Livingstone himself and is the most Northernly point of the Lake and a focus for the fishing activity. Karonga is also worth a look with a museum with information dating back to the pre-historic times.

On the Eastern shore of the lake Likoma Island sits in Mozambican waters and has a cathedral the size of Winchester’s as well as some of Lake Malawi’s most stunning beaches.