It all appears to be happening in the Delta! About a week ago, we let you know of the exciting new opening in June this year of Duke’s Camp in the Northern part of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, well we have some more news with another exciting camp opening its doors a month later in July. Our friends at Great Plains (who have some of the top properties we would recommend staying at whilst on safari) have announced the exciting opening of Okavango Explorers Camp. A brand-new explorer collection safari camp which will be in the southwestern region of Botswana’s private Selinda Reserve.

The Selinda Reserve is in Botswana’s north most region, bordering Namibia. A wonderfully varied location with a fascinating eco system and wonderful wildlife sightings to boot. Okavango Explorers Camp is in a unique location combining two iconic ecosystems at the intersection of the upper Okavango Delta water system and the famous Selinda Spillway. Including around 130,000 hectares, it is teeming with wildlife, has a high population of predators and the perfect elephant habitat. The location is handpicked by the Great Plains team and has some of the highest concentrations of wildlife in the region. Other wildlife you will find here include leopard, lion, wild dogs, giraffe, buffalo and even some very rare antelope species such as the roan, sable and eland. During the dry season, they have reported to record around 9,000 elephants that stick close to the dried riverbeds, using their knowledge and skills to dig great pits into the riverbed to seek out water supplied buried deep below the surface.

Okavango Explorers Camp will sleep a maximum of 12 guests sharing, so imagine a small and very intimate feel throughout. The style of the camp will be in keeping with a traditional safari experience from days gone by, reminiscent of exploring the unknown Africa of the 1920’s.

Designed to be used in a serious safari combination with the likes of Selinda Explorers and Duba Explorers, Okavango Explorers Camp is kin with the ideal stays for friends or families wanting to have exclusive use of the whole camp to make their own special adventure. Focusing your stay on adventure and exploration, it will be the perfect camp because of its stunning location, with wildlife viewing taking place in specially adapted vehicles to ensure your comfort when traversing the rolling pathways of Selinda. At Okavango Explorers Camp you also have the chance to get closer to the flora and fauna of the surrounding eco-system embarking on a walking safari – we would highly recommend this activity, and don’t worry, it’s not a march which is what many people imagine it to be, it is a very slow steady walk through the bush, getting know the small quirks of a fascinating eco-system and how everything has a purpose. Finally, weather and water height dependant, you can enjoy a relaxing canoe on the Selinda Spillway as it enters the Selinda Reserve, this is the perfect activity for keen birders as the water highways include tonnes of interesting bird life, from migratory birds to resident birds.

We cannot wait for the doors to open at Okavango Explorers Camp, and we hope we have tantalised those adventurous taste buds of other keen safari goers alike. As always, we plan to be there soon, so we can give you a first-hand account of what you are likely to experience when staying here.