Private Guides

All images on this page are courtesy of Sam Stogdale and Paolo Parazzi and must not be copied or used without permission. The below images give you a small snapshot of what it’s like to be on safari with one of our pro guides.

We specialise in organising extraordinary safaris – we truly and passionately believe that this can only be done with a Pro Guide on board. They bring unrivalled knowledge to your safari, but also a sense of the bush which is both mystical and magical, making every moment a memorable one. Their sense of fun and ability to read your needs and desires is second to none. We are lucky to work with some of the most respected guides in Africa – creating extraordinary experiences throughout Africa, which others do not have access to.

Rob Barber: Rob is one of our top guides in Botswana, but is actually originally from Tanzania where he was brought up in the bush. It is this knowledge that he will bring to your safari either when on his private mobile safari through the Okavango Delta or the Kalahari. He is one of the most personable, relaxed and charming guides you’ll ever meet and a safari with him and his wife Charlotte will be extremely good fun, alongside some amazing experiences with wildlife and the community through Rob’s unrivalled contacts in Botswana. His private mobile camp is comfortable with gourmet food, and always in the best location for wildlife.

Sam and Paolo will guide you across Africa from any lodge or camp you choose, but they also have another string to their bow – a completely private mobile safari camp which we can locate anywhere. The areas are always remote with no people, authentic cultural experiences, abundant game and a private fully staffed camp, complete with gourmet menus designed by Sam’s wife Antonia, a respected chef – all exclusively for you.

Chris Rodgers: Kenya & Tanzania. Chris recently guided us in Tanzania and we’re delighted to welcome him to the team. If you want a guide who truly knows Tanzania and it’s people then look no further.  Chris Rodgers, son to a world known conservationist, was born in 1988. His first six months was spent in the UK, before his parents Nicola and Dr Allan Rodgers, decided to move to India, where his dad set up the Indian Wildlife Institute. Christopher lived in India for two years and just turned four when his parents once again returned to Tanzania.  Thanks to his father’s countless field trips, Chris encountered the real Africa from an early age and just like his father he developed a passion for Africa’s people and wildlife.  Chris never left his beloved country. Today Chris is a professional walking guide, always pushing for a safari by foot. Thanks to his beautifully fluent Swahili he will take you deep into the Tanzanian bush (into areas often remote and untouched by the tourist trail) and share his vast knowledge about Africa’s fauna and flora. Whether you would like to unfold Africa’s beauty by canoe, horseback, by foot or on a traditional photographic safari, Chris will share his enthusiasm and knowledge and tell stories that will travel generations.

Ralph Bousfield: all of Africa. Ralph comes from a long line of African pioneers and adventurers. His family have guided safaris for four generations, the first guide being his maternal great grandfather, Major Richard Granville Nicholson, who escorted Princess Eugenie to see her son’s grave and the site where he was killed in the Zulu war on the 1st June 1879. Ralph’s father, Jack, grew up hunting crocodiles in Tanganyika with his father and was one of the first Great White Hunters to turn his back on hunting become a conservationist.

Ralph studied Nature Conservation and did his thesis on the Wattled Crane as an Indicator Species of Wetland Destruction. He furthered his studies at the International Crane Institute in Wisconsin under the famous George Archibald, who captive bred the whooping crane back from extinction. Ralph then worked with his mother to establish Botswana’s first Wildlife Orphanage and Education Centre and upon Jack’s tragic death in 1992 built Jack’s Camp (with his partner Catherine) in Jack’s memory (on the site of Jack’s original, and considerably more rustic, camp from the 60’s). In 1998 Ralph co-produced and presented a sixteen part series for the Discovery Channel entitled “Uncharted Africa”, which was filmed in Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania.

Ralph is personable, charismatic and fun – there is no better way to do a safari than with him.

John Barclay: Botswana. John guided us recently on a mobile safari and we were blown away by his knowledge – young and infectiously enthusiastic about the bush he has inherited his uncle’s (Ralph Bousfield’s) wonderfully enchanting way of telling stories and describing what you’re looking at. Born and raised in Botswana John has certainly picked up more in depth knowledge of the bush and its inhabitants from Ralph than most guides double his age.