Tanzania and Kenya are wide open to guests from almost all nationalities, they received very few cases of COVID and both have now been awarded the Safe Travel Stamp by the influential World Tourism and Travel Council – this is a strict stamp only given to countries who have successfully implemented protocols at all airports and all hotels which will keep the staff and locals safe from guests coming from high risk countries, and guests safe from COVID too. We know Africa has been on many peoples minds during lockdown as the wide open spaces, abundant wildlife and dramatic scenery are the exact antidote needed to take a break from the pressures of the pandemic. We wanted to draw your attention to six of the most luxurious private houses in East Africa – each one is booked exclusively for you and due to this your contact with other guests will be zero (there are many more private houses we have not mentioned, and we will continue to write about them in future posts):

This modern, spacious and exclusive private house is located in the Grumeti Reserve in the Western Serengeti in Tanzania. The area comes alive when the Wildebeest Migration comes through between March and June, but thanks to the exceptional conservation initiatives here the wildlife viewing is pretty phenomenal all year round. The house has four suites, comes with your own guide, staff and Michelin-star-standard chef.

Jabali Private House is located in Ruaha in Southern Tanzania – Ruaha is the largest national park in Tanzania and is truly VAST. This is reflected in the fact you barely see another soul when out and about on drives or walks. Three suites make up this modern and quirky exclusive use house. Ruaha is a paradise for predators, and offers amazing scenery including some extensive baobab forests.

Entamanu Private sits on a remote side of the Ngorongoro Crater and offers one of the best Crater experiences in Tanzania – from here you drop down a more private road into an area of the Crater which is not traversed by the minibuses who populate the Southern side. Entamanu consists of four rooms with far reaching views, and a family camp style atmosphere – it is warm, cosy and homely and the staff here are charismatic and friendly.

Never has a private house been decorated more beautifully, or with more serenity flowing from vast room to room. This exclusive and luxurious house is set on the famous Borana Ranch in Northern Kenya, famous for dramatic views of Mount Kenya and prolific wildlife viewing. There is even a certain rock formation which is said to have inspired the Lion King’s pride rock. This jewel in Northern Kenya boasts a spa and hamman, tennis court, pool and gym, and the focus is on fresh healthy food sourced locally. The five bedrooms will have you so relaxed you never want to leave.

Set in the World famous Masai Mara, in a private concession famous for its predator viewing, this two bedroom luxury suite is opulent, yet cosy and inviting. The Masai Mara never disappoints and we find it is a year round destination, with every time of year having something spectacular to show you. Of course the peak season is between July-October when the Wildebeest Migration comes through.

Sirikoi is located on Lewa, a strong hold of rhino due to the pioneering work they do here protecting this endangered species. Lewa too has some amazing scenery with open plains, rocky outcrops, river and fever tree forests – and of course views of Mount Kenya. Sirikoi has a beautiful two bedroom cottage, and then the three bedroom private house – both are homely and comfortable and the sort of places that as soon as you arrive you relax, kick off your shoes, and enjoy watching the wildlife which can often be found on the lawn in front of your private abode.