Let phase two commence! If you have been following our blog posts about Singita’s fantastic opportunity to work alongside the professionals who track, collar and protect the resident elephant herds within the Singita Grumeti reserve, then you are in for a treat of an update! The Singita Grumeti fund is about to embark on phase two of their elephant collaring program. At the end of September, they will be fitting 18 elephants with satellite GPS collars in an effort to help reduce human-wildlife conflict throughout the western Serengeti. Throughout the region, this is the biggest livelihood issue that Singita are working incredibly hard to prevent both elephant and people coming into conflict and ensure both animal and human live together in relative harmony.

There is a last minute chance to join us and participate in this critically important conservation project, you can become completely immersed and have a really hands on experience within the project that will protect elephants and safeguards the local communities as well.

Starting on the 27thSeptember and finishing on the 1st October 2018, you can enjoy an extremely comfortable stay at Singita Explore and Singita Faru Faru Lodge which will ultimately leave you with an overall feeling of ‘doing good’! it really is a once in a lifetime trip that you will leave knowing you have played your hand at supporting the local community, helping with local conservation and the knock on effect will be vast.

For those of you that share in Singita’s deep love of Africa, you will know that Singita’s passion if for protecting the continents landscapes and wildlife and having the chance to immerse yourself in a truly impactful conservation project is the ultimate opportunity of a lifetime.

At The Luxury Safari Company, we are always promoting Safari’s with a purpose. This is a fantastic programme that include special projects developed with a specific conservation goal on mind. At Singita, guests immerse themselves with a fantastic hands-on experience working alongside the Singita Grumeti Fund’s environmental team. The team working hard behind the fund are responsible for caring for 350,000 acres of protected land in the western Serengeti, with a team that carried out all aspects of conservation from anti-poaching, habitat management, wildlife reintroduction and human-wildlife conflict mitigation to rural enterprise development, women’s empowerment and environmental education. They do so with great commitment and in 15 years have transformed the area, from once being in a state of severe environmental crisis, into a flourishing wildlife habitat.

The Elephant Collaring Project is one of these important conservation initiatives that Singita is involved in. With an increase in both wildlife and human populations along the unfenced boundary of the concession comes a heightened conflict between the animals and the people living in neighbouring villages. The livelihoods of these communities are threatened by the presence and behaviours of wild animals who often trample of eat their crops and are injured or killed by the villagers because of this. Finding a mutually beneficial solution to this challenge is vital.

To find out more on this once in a lifetime opportunity, please give us a call! You won’t regret it!