Are you looking for something a little different on safari, apart from the obvious of course, the enjoyment of any wildlife sighting is something to behold, but have you ever considered taking to the air, the fresh morning air and gliding silently over the tree tops and plains, as you watch the sun breaking over the horizon? Well, at Il Moran, Little Governors’ and Governors’ camp you can add this special treat on to make your trip something truly spectacular.

All of these camps are set within the beating heat of the Masai Mara, location is of course prime to making your safari perfect and any of these camps will knock anything else off the top spot. Il Moran has recently been updated with a stunning new mess tent with endless views of the Mara plains and is perfect for those seeking that extra bit of luxuriousness. Little Governors’ is the perfect property of honeymooners and Governors’ is ideal for families.

These three wonderful camps are now offering ‘Flying Safari Packages’ for 2019. These will include return flights to Nairobi, two nights on safari full board and one of these camps, three game drives per day as well as airstrip transfers (Park fees and drinks will not be included).

These Flying safari’s take place within the first light hours of the morning. So you can combine watching the sun rise over Mara plains. This really is a sight to behold. You will have your morning wakeup call well before sunrise (usually around 5 am) and making sure you are wrapped up warm – the early morning hours in Africa can be quite chilly and you can often see a small amount of frost on the surrounding grass. Because of this coolness, the wildlife is more active, trying to keep warm and track down prey so they do not have to hunt during the heat of the middle of the day. So, you may be in with some wonderful sightings even before you get to your hot air balloon.

You will then take off into the still cool African air, with the turtle cape dove cooing in the back ground ‘work harder, work harder’ he will shout. You will hear the warning call of the impala as you mistakenly frighten him. The whoosh of the hot air filling up the inner sanctum of the balloon itself and you are away.

From on high you will see giraffe, wildebeest, zebra chirruping as they run off away from the roar of the fire within the balloon. Herds of elephant meandering there way along the banks of the river bed, slowly pushing down small acacia trees so as to get to the succulent buds at the top.

As the sun rises over the horizon, this really is an awe-inspiring moment, one you will never forget. You may even hear the tune to Out of Africa playing in the back of your mind, or even the opening bars from the Circle of Life from the Lion King – take advantage of these excellent Flying Safari Packages and we can assure you, it will be worth everything.