Start as you mean to go on as they say! Turning over a new leaf or continue on the same successful path you began the previous year, choose from a multitude of new year’s resolutions, from giving up bad habits to taking up new hobbies or tasks. How you choose to begin your new year is up to you and how exciting it is to know you are embarking on new adventures. It’s the same process when it comes to planning your safari: which new country should you choose, what do you want to see, what do you want to experience, do you want to combine the stunning ruggedness of the African bush with the beauty of the azure Indian Ocean lapping serenely on the sun bleached shores… sounds utter bliss.

Wilderness Safaris are offering a new ‘life-changing’ and ‘purposeful’ safari portfolio for 2019. These unique experiences have been created to offer you, our wonderful clients, unaltered access and privilege to the behind the scenes community and conservation projects that are run by Wilderness. For over 35 years Wilderness have almost been founding pioneers in crafting these life-changing journeys, with their undying principles sticking to restoring and conserving Africa’s wildlife and wilderness.

Pick from the likes of trekking for the Great Apes in the mountainous rainforests of the Virunga Massif in May (get in touch for exact dates) as well as bonding with the chimpanzees in the nearby Gishwati Forest National Park in the beautiful Rwanda. You could then combine Rwanda with a purposeful trip to the North Island in the Seychelles, coming face to face with the island’s endemic plants and reptiles, witness the vulnerable white eye species and the largest tortoise in the world. Trek for the endangered black rhinos in the stunning open spaces of the Namib desert. Seek natural wonders in beneath the canopies of trees in Kenya. Take part in the fantastic elephant collaring project in the month of September (get in touch to find exact dates) in the picturesque Hwange National Park.

Follow guides and rangers and track the ultimate in the big 5 to collar and know you have had a helping in hand in a fundamental study project to protect these mighty animals from becoming truly endangered. These adventures are the best sort of way to start your year, knowing you have booked to embark on a trip of a life time where you taking part means you have leant a helping hand towards a larger purpose of protecting and persevering the natural wonders of African life. From the flora and fauna of the North Island, to the dry arid beauty of the Namibian Desert, seeking black Rhino or lions, wonders abound!

There are many many more activities and adventures to take part in within the Wilderness family as well as our tailor-made itineraries, all you need to do is pop us through an email or talk to us over the phone, be warned we do love to talk about everything involving Africa, so you may be on the phone for a while!