The wonderful Ellerman House lying within the Cape Town prides itself on embracing innovation, originality, modernisation and generally and seamlessly rolling with the times. From showcasing phenomenal work of the local South African artists, to incorporating novel marketing ideas as well as pretty much everything in between! In a world where hotels are rated on a generic scale, a commo challenge for properties offering an experience beyond the five-star rating checklist is to communicate how their property is unique and different from the others. Like most hotels, they will more than likely offer the same format or layout – always having a comfortable bed, concierge service, breakfast in the morning and a minibar as basics for example. But it’s about the little details that they incorporate that will set them above and beyond the others. Along with printed brochures become increasingly obsolete, many foreword thinking hotels, such as Ellerman House, are constantly seeking other mediums to convey their story.

Sales and Marketing Manager at Ellerman House, Lindsy Terry has said ‘We wanted a more expressive platform to tell our story to the world, especially for a hotel as diverse as Ellerman House. The days are gone of talking about the size of our rooms or what is included in the complimentary mini-bar. We wanted to communicate the classic elegance and contemporary stylings of the property, while conveying the message that your time at Ellerman House could touch your soul…’

Inspired by the growing trend from international hospitality brands to sell an experience rather than a building, Ellerman House has produced another spectacular video to add to its fantastic repertoire. This stunning video is aptly titled ‘An Ellerman State of Mind’, this unique video focuses on a guest who is captivated by the beauty and modern, yet comfortable simplicity of Ellerman House.

As she gazes across the uninterrupted views over the endless Atlantic Ocean she is transported to another space, another realm – an Ellerman state of mind. Here, time behaves differently. Here, you discover that every day is considered, and every angle is simply beautiful. Here, you experience luxury as you have never experienced before.

Ellerman House is situated just outside of the hustle and bustle of the centre of Cape Town but is incredibly easy to get to all of this via a quick Uber trip or taxi ride, which only takes about ten minutes. A short trip later and you’re submerged within all the exciting activities that you can enjoy within Cape Town (give us a call, or pop us through an email to find out the endless activities that await you!) then you can hop back, wonderfully exhausted at all you have done within the city and return to Ellerman House where you can relax in a sumptuous bubble bath, hop in the pool or enjoy a massage, or simply relax, gin and tonic in hand, taking in the wonderful and full views of the Atlantic Ocean before enjoying a delicious supper as the sun sets below the rippling ocean.