Happy World Gorilla Day! Today, Monday 24th September we are celebrating all things Ape. And so are many other people. Singita popped through a message providing us with an update on one of the many many conservation projects they have on the go, as well as keep thinking up, mainly about what they are doing to protect one of the worlds most endangered animals. Mountain Gorilla’s are the only wild ape population whose numbers are known to be increasing. This is fantastic news! More often than not we are bombarded with negative news, but this, for once, is a wonderfully positive way to start the day! This increase in population can be attributed to the vital and necessary work being carried out by the governments and conservation partners working together and supporting one another.

World Gorilla Day offers a chance for us mere mortals, celebrate these magnificent, critically endangered creatures and to shed some light on the conservation work being done to protect them. Before we go into detail and become all consumed with numbers etc, here are a few interesting facts about one of our closest relatives: Gorillas share almost 98% of their DNA with humans – practically cousins! The habitat gorillas usually find themselves most at home are in mountainous forests with Africa, such as Rwanda and Uganda, these two countries are fantastically suited for Gorillas. Their diet is mainly vegetarian, feeding on stems, bamboo shoots and fruits – big shout out to all our vegetarian and vegan supporters! I am sure they would be proud to nominate a gorilla as their ambassador!

Gorillas live in tight nit family groups that can reach up to about 30 members. Although we started by saying this wasn’t negative news with the increase in Gorilla numbers, there are only about 1,000 gorillas left in the wild. The reasons being mainly from human conflict, the loss in their natural habitat with humans increasing the land they build on, to spread of disease and gorillas being hunted for meet and the laying of snares.

Singita is honoured to be opening the much anticipated Singita Kwitonda Lodge in August 2019 on the edge of the Volcanoes National Park, the very home to Rwanda’s mountain gorillas. Apart from offering Singita guests the unique opportunity to experience a life-changing encounter with these gentle giants, Singita are proud to be contributing to conservation to this stunning region.

The presence of Singita Kwitonda lying on the park border will help to improve the function of the buffer area between agricultural plots and the habitat of the estimated 320 mountain gorillas that find sanctuary here.

Watch this space for new photographs of the newly anticipated lodge as well as further information. Perhaps give us a call to talk all things gorilla and to hold your space at this brand new and exciting camp. Booking a stay at this wonderful lodge will not only be a once in a lifetime experience, you will be helping protect and fund the conservation of these magnificent but endangered species.