Going on safari, the first thing that springs to mind are of course the animals and the setting but then it is closely followed by photography. You have to have your camera packed and ready and waiting in anticipation of what you may see just around the corner! So, for many years many safari camps, lodges and companies offer unique opportunities to gain further knowledge on taking your perfect ‘Kodak’ moment!

Now, change is a foot, and everyone seems to be incredibly keen on wellness and being in touch with how they feel and what we put into our bodies so many places throughout the world are now offering these ‘wellness’ breaks as part of a fantastic opportunity for a brilliant holiday. Say hello to Wild Studio Yoga retreats with an opportunity to stay in the most spiritual locations throughout the African continent. Imagine sitting on your own personal deck taking in all the surrounding sights and sounds whilst looking towards Mount Kilimanjaro from the volcanic Chyulu Hills – there is the holiday opportunity to stay four nights with a yoga retreat at the heart of this to be conducted at Great Plains Ol Donyo Lodge in the southern part of Kenya.

Wild Studio Yoga will also include therapeutic meditation as well as yoga sessions at sunrise and sunset overlooking Mount Kilimanjaro. There are daily workshop opportunities also to further your knowledge of yoga alongside delicious healthy food and drinks. Between these yoga sessions there is still the opportunity to immerse yourself in camp life from silent guided walking safaris, horse riding, cycling, explorations of the lava tunnels. There will also be the normal day and night game drives. You’re possibly thinking there will be no time to relax surely?! But worry not, there will be – you can watch elephants drinking from the lodge waterhole from the safety of a log pile hide or even enjoy a sumptuous massage from your pool suite.

The way the Wild Studio Yoga programme will run is starting on the 30th November to the 4th December 2018 these yoga sessions will be run by conservationist Binita Shah who has quite a strong relationship with the Mara Plains Camp. Guests, camp managers and the marketing team at Great Plains were incredibly impressed with how she would run these yoga retreats and have asked if she would return to Ol Donyo to conduct these Wild Studio Yoga programmes – and us at The Luxury Safari Company cannot stress how important it is to relax and enjoy oneself whilst out on a safari and we most definitely feel these yoga retreats will be a complete hit with most people.

What more do you want when escaping the hubbub and hustle and bustle of city life to immerse yourself in not only a truly magical setting, but to get back in touch with your roots and return (most likely extremely reluctantly) feeling relaxed, refreshed and rewarded. So, have a think, pop into a quiet room for some contemplation and then send us through an email for some more information on how to join one of these sessions, you will not regret it!