Seeking the ultimate safari? Seeking the ultimate accommodation? Seeking the ultimate deal? Seeking the ultimate in absolutely everything? Then look no further than the fantastic Singita properties within South Africa – ok, perhaps we overplayed the ‘seeking the ultimate in absolutely everything part… or perhaps we didn’t?!

We really are the biggest fans of Singita – all of their camps, wherever they are, really do go to the ends of the world to make your stay the best with everything (well, almost). From the moment you step off your private charter or scheduled flight, the Singita guides will be there ready and waiting to scoop you up and make you feel completely at ease as you journey to your accommodation. With regards to the special deals, well, Singita Lebombo and Sweni are offering one brilliant one.

The Kruger National Park is one of Africa’s oldest and largest game reserves, spanning some 19,000 square kilometres of diverse African wilderness, holding a firm spot in South Africa’s heritage. The Singita properties are all situated within private concessions which makes for phenomenal game viewing. Not only will your animal sightings be mainly private with just you witness it, the only other people you will pass will be other Singita guests. Singita’s private concession along the south-eastern boundary of the park allows guests to exclusive access to 33,000 acres of pristine wilderness to explore.

Choose between a bold and contemporary Singita Lebombo which is perched on a rocky hillside with views over the N’wanetsi River below or the intimate Sweni which is a hidden jewel nestled snug within the banks of the Sweni River. If you stay at either of these stunning camps for 4 nights, you will automatically receive the 4thnights free (although you will have to pay the fourth nights conservation and park fees) these special offers are incredibly hard to come across, especially at lodges as fantastic and spoiling as any of the Singita properties.

So, combining this superb deal with an area that is phenomenal when it comes to game viewing opportunities, this would be an opportunity you would be silly to turn down. The area is beyond fantastic when it comes to both scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities. From coming within touching distance of a pride of lions maybe even roaring as a pride, to herds of elephants crossing rivers, pushing down trees, rumbling their deep guttural communications to one another and perhaps even a sighting of the elusive pangolin – the opportunities are endless.

Not only are the wildlife viewing opportunities phenomenal, you will be guided by the best of the best. The guides at many, if not all of the Singita properties, go hand in hand. They are the best. Their knowledge goes beyond the books and (this may be a bold comment) the famous David Attenborough programs – there is no doubt you will be completely submerged in their day to day job, and what a job it is. Their passion will surely rub off on you, it is infectious and so rewarding to be around. Please get in contact to take advantage of this fantastic deal at the best camps throughout South Africa… go on, you know you want to!