Where to stay when walking? This week, we’re here to tell you some of the best places to stay when you are embarking on a walking safari. There are plenty of places, so you will be utterly spoilt for choice.

We will start down in Zambia with a collection of lodges in the stunning South Luangwa – The Norman Carr lodges. To put these lodges into context, here is a bit of history about Norman Carr and why these lodges are THE top places to stay when thinking about walking safaris. Norman Carr was considered the grandfather of safari in Zambia, a man who created a long-lasting legacy of conservation through tourism and the pioneer of modern-day walking safaris in Africa. He started Zambia’s first safari company in 1950 in the South Luangwa where his ideas whole ethos for walking safaris have stayed strong. Start your safari at the gorgeous but beautifully rustic Kakuli, then walk straight out of camp 4.5 hours of slow interesting walking, to arrive at Nsolo to stay for a few days, then onwards another 3.5 hours or so walking to Luwi for a few more nights, then from there 4.5 hours walk to Mchenja. Finally, finish off your walking safari with a spot of real luxury to arrive (this distance is a little too far to walk, but you may be able to manage a couple of hours!) at Chinzombo – what a place to end your stay!

Head down to the Lower Zambezi, with its stunning views across the serene running waters of the Zambezi River. Hippos dot the banks and during the night, early morning and evenings, you can hear them laughing at each other’s jokes. Our first port of call for anyone to stay anywhere is Sausage Tree. This wonderful camp, newly refurbished in 2019, it oozes luxury. Each of the very private luxury tented suites dot the banks of the Zambezi, have inside and outside showers, wonderful super king beds and your own plunge pool. The food is to die for, and the guiding here is beyond incredible. The knowledge these guides have is superb and each walk or drive you will discover more and more about the surrounding flora and fauna. The landscape is truly magical around Sausage Tree. Late afternoon and early evening light turns golden as the sun lowers its decent beyond the horizon and it bounces of the trees creating a feeling you’re on a Hollywood set. Walk across open plains, through thick undulating bush to sausage tree woodland, the sight sounds, and smells are heady as you step your way through the bush taking in the stunning surroundings.

Chiawa and Old Mondoro are equally wonderful camps to enjoy walking safaris, plus you can also enjoy the likes of a canoe safari, this will ensure you get as close to the natural beauty of the Lower Zambezi. Listen to the noises surrounding you that you would lose when in a vehicle. Walking safaris allow you to fall more in love with the area than you probably would have done.

If you would like to find out some more information about walking safaris, then please give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you with some fabulous options for your exciting safari.