Even Africa is becoming busier, certain National Parks and areas can be overrun with people which is understandably not what we look for when planning luxury safaris for our clients. We want remote wilderness which gives you a true flavor of Africa and all it has to offer – nothing can compare to being in the middle of no where and seeing an amazing wildlife sighting, while being the only ones there. Here are our favourite luxury remote safari camps in Africa.

San Camp is located on the edge of the Makgadikgadi Saltpans that was once a super lake, which covered most of Botswana. It is one of only two remote camps, which is permanently located in the Kalahari, allowing you to explore this beautiful isolated area in luxury style and comfort. The six majestic white tents are shaded by groups of desert palm; this is safari style at its best combining elegance with a minimal ecological impact. The guides at San Camp work closely along side the Zu/’hoasi bushmen, who also take guests on private bush walks, giving you a unique insight into an old African tribes traditions and culture. The Makagadikgadi pans national park is also the home to unique desert species such as the brown hyena, aardwolf, gemsbok and springbok. This camp offers you an oasis in a stark but striking desert landscape.

Chada Katavi, Tanzania is a remote, intimate camp with luxury tents opening up on to the spectacular vast savannah that is Chada plains. The camp has integrated itself into the surrounding environment nestled under the shade of tamarind trees, which results in frequent visits from elephants and herds of buffalo. Plains game roam the savannah, freely grazing just outside your tent; your own private safari from the comfort of your veranda. The cozy dinning room and library sit in a clearing where you can relax and lull away the hours in between your guided safaris. Chada Katavi is designed to be a small luxury camp, which as it operates in such a remote area shares its resources with the animals and k works hard to keep its carbon footprint light.

Desert Rose, Kenya is a luxury lodge perched on the towering landscape of Mt Nyiru, its surrounded by dense forest foliage and is so remote that the access road is one of the steepest motor able roads in the world, an exhilarating climb. The lodge is situated on the side of the mountain on one of the only flat areas. Another highlight is that desert rose is so well integrated into the local community that guests and the owner will often be invited to join in on the Samburu tribe’s local celebrations and festivities. The views and landscape are breathtaking and a 5min walk will take you to a natural water slide where many guests spend hours sunbathing and cooling of in the refreshing spring water which runs directly from the mountain top. The beautifully manicured gardens and large secluded spacious houses offer a serene, cozy space in remote and wild Northern frontier.

Liuwa Plain Mobile Camp, Zambia is home to one of the most exclusive wildebeest migrations in Africa. It is based in the remote Liuwa plain national park and is famous for not only it’s numerous packs of hyenas, wild dog, cheetah and stripped jackal but is also located near two prime water bird pans. The camps focus is on trying to witness the interactions between Liuwa’s top predators with as little human contamination as possible. They do game drives and bush walks and on clear nights you sit under the open starry night for a gourmet dinner. The tents are fully equipped and the camp is still a luxurious place to stay regardless of its mobile nature.

Greystoke Mahale, Tanzania is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful camps in Africa. Its diverse landscape throwing stark comparisons; with the towering Mahale mountains densely forested leading down on to the sandy beaches, with the turquoise waters of lake Tanganyika lapping at its shores. The remote Camp is famous for its superb chimp trekking, which is always professionally run and gives you an insight into the behaviors and lives of these incredible animals. You can also go Canoeing on the lake or just relax and enjoy the breathtaking views Mahale has to offer.