Helicopters are fast being used as the mode of transport in Africa – this is due to their incredible ability to get you into almost any luxury safari destination with ease, and with no issues over landing or not being able to get anywhere, and fast. Helicopters are certainly very glamorous and due to the added tests of flying in Africa our helicopter pilots are actually some of the best anywhere in the world – they are often safari guides too and so when you head off on your helicopter safari their knowledge of the surrounding area is also something which adds to your journey.

Northern Kenya – Tropic Air

Tropic Air are our favourite helicopter company in Kenya and Tanzania combined, they employ experienced pilots who are the best in the world and as mentioned above often know a lot about the surrounding areas. They take you on magical scenic tours through the remote Northern Kenya Great Rift Valley Lakes – always stopping for a coffee or delicious lunch. They are charismatic and fun and make flying feel safe and enjoyable. We also use Tropic Air for simply helicopter transfers due to the fact their pilots will always take the scenic route and leave guests mind blown by seeing Africa so clearly from the air. East Africa in particular has the landscape that makes helicopters a must.

Okavango Delta – Helicopter Horizons

This dynamic young team of professionals are passionate about helicopters and where better to fly one than the Okavango Delta which has tonnes of uninhabited islands to land on with nothing but virgin bush and game. Helicopter Horizons make it affordable to swap your light aircraft hop between luxury camps to a helicopter hop and stop on a deserted Delta island for a glass of champagne or a snack. They fly responsibly around game and do not fly too low so as not to frighten the wildlife, but low enough that you see everything from crocs and hippos and lion and leopard.

Bazaruto Archipelago – Mozambique

This stunning set of islands is so beautiful that many people return again and again as no beach area in the world can compare. The small islands and sand banks make for exceptional viewing and luckily the most common way of getting between the islands is by helicopter – you will never have seen oceans so blue or sand so white and many even be lucky enough to catch the odd dolphin school or whale. To go from the bush to the beach and do it all with some helicopter trips involved means you really will have seen it from all angles.

We love doing Africa in a helicopter and can basically organise this for you wherever you want to be – of course if you are reaching out to countries where there are no helicopters stationed such as Zambia or Zimbabwe then the price tag goes up but it is well and truly worth it for the amazing scenery, and also the time you save during the journey, that you would otherwise have spent hopping around from airport to airport.