Luxury Safari Honeymoon . A safari honeymoon is many people’s idea of absolute heaven and we couldn’t agree more. There is certainly something about Africa that can turn even a heart of stone into jelly. It’s everything from the beautiful sunrises and sunsets and to the feeling of being in the wilderness. It is a magical place and many people take a luxury safari honeymoon without preconceptions, but find that it begins a life long love affair with Africa. Safari honeymoons are truly a once in a lifetime experience but you may well find that you become addicted to Africa, and end up returning time and time again – no other holiday quite matches up. All of our honeymoons are extraordinary, but we also add some extra touches which we feel takes them to a whole new level, and will certainly help you to achieve the most romantic holiday of your life. Here are our top ways of making sure your safari honeymoon is one of the most romantic of your entire lives!

Star Beds

Much of the beauty of Africa is also seen at night – you will find yourself in such a remote spot, with no light pollution, that often you can see the milky way. The stars are often associated with romance so what better way to add that bit extra to your honeymoon that to stay in a luxury star bed whilst you are on safari. These star beds are set up in remote locations, built on raised tree houses with varying levels of comfort ranging from comfy mattresses on the floor with mosquito nets, to full on four poster beds with comfy sofas. You will be dropped at your star bed with a delicious dinner and a radio and will have one of the most romantic nights of your life under the stars.

Private Safari Vehicles

Many of our safari honeymooners want to spend as much time as possible alone, which is understandable. Therefore a private safari vehicle and private guide will ensure that you have an exclusive safari without the pressure of others with their own agenda in your safari vehicle. Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa even have a luxury safari vehicle which is made especially for honeymooners, and includes a comfy sofa as the back seat.

Bush Baths

Many of our luxury safari properties have a real treat in store for a safari honeymooner in the form of a very spoiling bush baths. These range from large suites which have their own outdoor bath tubs, often with amazing views of the local bush and wildlife, to bathtubs which are actually out in the bush – all of them will be prepared with rose petals and candles whilst you are out on your evening game drive, and you will return to a feast for the senses and a joyously romantic bath experience.


Helicopters are an amazing way of seeing the bush and we offer lots of opportunities for honeymooners to experience one whilst on safari. One of our favourite options is in Botswana where for a small extra cost one can substitute one of your light aircraft hops between safari camps with a luxury helicopter flight, which touches down on a deserted island for a glass of champagne before dropping you at your next camp. Many of our other helicopter trips will take you into some of the most beautiful and remote areas of Africa and this in itself is incredibly romantic.

Fly Camping

Fly camping is a slightly more rustic version of the luxury star beds we have already mentioned, but no less romantic. When you fly camp you generally walk out into the bush and turn a corner as the sun is setting to find a rustic but candlelit ‘fly camp’ set up just for you, as you cosy up together inside your mosquito net with the flames of the fire flickering around you – you will certainly realize you are on the honeymoon of a lifetime.

Private Plunge Pools

Many of the luxury safari camps and lodges now have private plunge pools for all the rooms or their suites. This means that when you’re on your safari honeymoon you don’t even have to leave your room – what heaven! All of the camps and lodges will also offer private dining experiences, which means you can enjoy privacy and exclusivity for your entire honeymoon.

Bush Dinners

This is something we set up for all of our safari honeymooners. On one or more of the nights you are in the bush you will be presented with a romantic bush dinner, you will be out in the wilderness with candles, a fire and gourmet food and once again those glittering stars only add to the romance of the whole situation. We believe that even food tastes better in these wonderfully romantic settings.

Day Beds

The classic day bed – now these day beds can provide the perfect place to snuggle up during the day or after dinner, but we recommend choosing a property which has days beds AND amazing views, whiling away the hours between game drives whilst looking at stunning views is sure to make your safari honeymoon both relaxed and completely unforgettable. Often there will be wildlife right in front of the camp and from your comfy day bed you can just watch it all go about it’s daily business, and in fact can often see some amazing sights.


Many luxury safari camps and lodges are based on or around rivers and lakes. Africa boasts some of the mightiest and most awe inspiring rivers in the world and a sunrise or sunset river cruises, with hippos grunting and birds everywhere, really will add that extra touch to your safari honeymoon that everyone is looking for. It’s tranquil, peaceful and often you will see amazing sightings as animals come down to drink around you. Being out on the water in Africa is unbelievably romantic. There are even houseboats which one can stay on for a night or two if you love the water.