When looking into booking a tailor made and luxurious Tanzania private safari the most discerning clients will always want to stay at the luxurious and exclusive Mnemba Beach Lodge after their luxury and private safari – Mnemba has long been known as the most exclusive beach lodge in Africa. Tanzania is vast and still offers vast areas of private land leased off the local community, which is ideal for those wanting a truly private and exclusive safari. You’ll never cover the same bit of ground twice and the wildlife viewing in these remote areas is often so prolific that you won’t want to visit any of the more touristy National Parks – in fact we recommend avoiding some of the National Parks at all costs since they’re so busy. We have access to the most private and remote parts of Tanzania and always use the best guides to make sure your wildlife experience is the best it can be – all of our safaris in Tanzania are private and thanks to excellent relationships with camps on the ground you will always be treated as a VIP.

What better way to continue your Tanzania private safari than by ending up on one of the world’s most exclusive and exotic private islands – Mnemba Island is just off the coast of Tanzania and offers the softest white sand and the most azure warm Indian Ocean waves you can possibly imagine – a recent refurb sees this island looking even more magical than before. This really is paradise on earth. The lodge is beautifully decorated with beach style fabrics and comfy beds, and is unwaveringly luxurious. It is the most private and most exclusive getaway one could hope to experience in Tanzania and the Indian Ocean.

Mnemba combines beautifully with many of our private luxury lodges in Northern Tanzania or Southern Tanzania and is easily reachable from Zanzibar (just a short boat ride). We also have a host of other private lodges on Zanzibar as Mnemba costs start from £800 per person per night, we also love love love Mozambique at the moment and lodges in Northern Mozambique combine beautifully with a private safari in Tanzania too.

Private safaris throughout Africa offer some of the best experiences available to clients. Whether you are a couple or a family having your own suite, house and guide means that you can completely relax and enjoy your safaris. Private guides come with private houses and this makes for a truly in depth safari as he focuses his knowledge on you and you alone. Safaris have never been so thrilling when you are able to follow the species you like or particularly look out for those you haven’t seen – many of the private safari houses in Tanzania boast some of the best guides in Africa so not only do you get complete privacy, you get to experience a luxury safari with a real expert.

Asilia Africa are one of Tanzania’s best private safari companies and have slowly been moving into Kenya offering luxury camps there too. They have decided now to take on three of Kenya’s private houses – the Mara Bush Houses: Mara House, Acacia House and Topi House. They have an expert team on the ground who will continue to run these private houses exclusively and expertly – thanks to the fantastic new scheduled flights between the Masai Mara and the Serengeti one can now combine the private safari options of the Mara with those of the Serengeti. All three private safari houses are located in excellent game viewing areas so clients staying there not only have the utter privacy and peace of their private retreat but also some fantastic game viewing.

For a truly private Tanzania safari we absolutely love Azura Selous, its luxurious with a fantastic spa and in a good area for game viewing and has also just had a complete refurbishment – Azura also has many special offers to make your private safari there even more enticing, many of which involve combining a luxury safari at Azura with a seriously private and exclusive beach lodge on Zanzibar.

Now if your idea of a private safari is one which gets seriously wild and seriously remote then look no further than Rubondo. Rubondo has it all from chimps to elephants and not a soul in sight, apart from the fishermen going about their daily business – this is true paradise on earth. This wonderfully remote and private Tanzania safari camp boasts an island with tropical jungle, elephants and monkeys – it’s a true Robinson Crusoe experience with a little luxury thrown in there for good measure.

Singita Tanzania has long been famed as the most luxurious and private of all the safari operations in Tanzania – we have had a long love affair with Singita and cannot recommend all of their camps strongly enough, especially if it is true privacy you are after – their vast suites are ideal for those wanting to be alone and far from the madding crowd. The camps are all in completely unique and extraordinary locations and Singita have the best guides, Michelin star food and an atmosphere which is tranquil and relaxing. Singita Tanzania continue to dominate the private safari market in Tanzania, and quite rightly so. Their new camp in the Lamai triangle of the Serengeti is our current favourite, Singita Mara River Tented Camp – it is chic and quirky in design with excellent views of the Mara River and fantastic access to all year round excellent game viewing.

Singita Tanzania also boast one of the most luxurious private mobile camps in the whole of Africa. Singita Explore Mobile Tented Camp is located in the private, exclusive and vast Grumeti Reserve and offers an impossibly comfortable but authentic safari experience with no creature comfort left out. The camp is completely eco friendly and leaves virtually no impact on the environment. The camp is also moved based on where the best game viewing is at each time of year.

Singita Explore Mobile Tented Camp is set up on an exclusive use basis only and can be booked by as few as two people. If you are a family or group of friends what better way to do a safari than to have a camp booked out exclusively for you. You will have your own private guide, private chef and staff who will tailor-make your day to day itinerary. If you stay at Singita’s luxurious Singita Serengeti House you will now be granted a complimentary night in the Mobile tented camp. This reserve is completely exclusive and we adore the vast open plains, small woods and rivers which populate this stunning area of the North Western Serengeti.

Singita aside deciding which part of the Serengeti to see can be hard, we’ve got a small guide using three of our favourite camps in the Serengeti. Our aim is to get you into one of the most private parts of the Serengeti, with no other people and a lot of wildlife, here are three of our favourite private and exclusive Serengeti Safari camps in remote and wild locations:

Serengeti Safari Camp moves effortlessly with the wildebeest migration, it is hard to imagine this luxurious camp moving at all – it certainly feels very permanent. It has all the romance of old school safaris offering an unwaveringly rich wildlife experience combined with luxury and traditional comfortable tented rooms.

Nduara Loliondo is the next camp which is so undervalued – this magical gem is styled on Mongolian yurts and sits in a totally private Easterly part of the Serengeti. Here the experience is about freedom, walk with the Masai, take night drives and also enjoy use of a guaranteed free of charge private car and driver. This camp also moves twice a year to follow the movement of wildlife but combine this with a safari camp in the Serengeti National Park itself and you’re laughing.

And finally Lamai Nomad – the lodge we were so blown away with in October last year. This lodge has a truly mesmerising location with views across the Masai Mara and excellent game viewing all year round, although the wildebeest catch up with you in July, August, September and October. This area is teeming with lions and other big cats, and the fascinating rocky outcrops interspersed with wide open plains creates a African fantasy world before your eyes. The lodge itself is built seamlessly into a rocky kopje of it’s own with clean lines, private luxurious rooms and vast views of the Mara plains this lodge is worth it’s weight in gold. Lamai also has a couple of magical private house options, in the form of Lamai Private Camp and Mkombe’s House – this is the ultimate in private safaris.

Chem Chem Safari Lodge is a new favourite of ours so we were overjoyed to receive their recent update. Chem Chem has two properties both located on very remote and wild parts of Tarangire – both are on private concessions with access to Tarangire National Park. Chem Chem is surrounded by both Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Park so there is no shortage of game viewing to be had – both Little Chem Chem and Chem Chem Lodge are sensational and offer a magical private safari experience which is both off the beaten track and unique. In September thousands of wildebeest and zebra march towards the Tarangire River in their own small migration. Because of this lions also flock to the park as it’s rich pickings for these crafty predators. Tarangire also becomes home to the highest density of elephants in East Africa.