Singita has long been known as one of the senior luxury safari brands in Africa – their camps and lodges always hold a certain element of exclusivity which no other brand has managed to achieve to such a high level. Of course their brand of luxury comes with a price tag to match, and we don’t always believe that Singita is right for every client. Just because it’s the most expensive luxury safari doesn’t mean it’s the best for you but there are certainly some clients for whom Singita is the be all and end all, and we can understand why. They have fantastic guides and the food would outdo many a London restaurant, their locations are also magical and the service second to none. Here we go through a few of our favourite Tanzanian Singita luxury safari camps.

Singita Serengeti Explore

This is one of our favourite mobile tented camps in all of Africa and is certainly the most luxurious. This exclusive use camp is furnished to the highest quality and moves around the Singita Grumeti Reserves in the Western Serengeti depending on where the game is that month. The camp is decorated with campaign furniture and feels exceptionally romantic and wild.

Singita Serengeti House

This private house is located in Singita Grumeti and is used by celebrities and many other individuals who value privacy – it is modern, extremely luxurious and actually still manages to feel like a home from home. They do an amazing job here of making it feel relaxed and informal, very personal and very welcoming. You will literally never want to leave but may have to re-mortgage your house if you want to stay permanently.

Singita Mara River

This is the first camp Singita built outside of the Grumeti Reserves and is very special – it sits on the Mara River which is swamped by wildebeest for much of the year, and has amazing game viewing the rest of the year. This area is famous for it’s fantastic big cat sightings and abundant game all year round. The camp itself is very modern, opulent and very spoiling, the huge tented suites all have views out to the river making for exciting game viewing from your room all day long.

Singita Sabora

Singita Sabora has so much romance that it will sweep you off your feet itself – it really is a spectacular camp with so much to offer – the vast suites are reminiscent of the great camps made for the first clients to take luxury safaris at vast expense and they sit smack in the middle of short grass plains which are always covered with game. The sense of fun here is unrivalled as you enter into a bygone era which was a hedonistic and romantic one, and which was the only way people ‘did’ Africa for many years.

Faru Faru River Lodge

Faru Faru is based on the Grumeti River and is done like a Zanzibar beach lodge which makes it a fantastic combination with Sabora due to the huge differences between the two. Faru Faru is one of the quirkiest lodges in Tanzania and definitely one to add to the hit list if you like modern unusual safari lodges.