When people initially think of Tanzania they think of the rolling plains of the Serengeti, the Wildebeest Migration and the Ngorongoro Crater – but we feel it’s Southern Tanzania which really holds the jewel in the crown. Southern Tanzania includes a circuit of the Selous Game Reserve, Ruaha National Park and Saadani which is a magical coastal game reserve where lions tracks can often be seen on the stunning Indian Ocean coastline. Here are our top reasons to visit Southern Tanzania on your luxury safari over Northern Tanzania:

The Selous

A reason in itself this vast area of pristine bush is home to just a handful of luxury safari camps – they are spread far and wide meaning that you won’t see another soul while on safari and really feel as if you are in one of the most remote parks in all of Africa (which you are). The Selous is also exceptionally beautiful with two major rivers, plenty of lakes and hot springs. Doum palms spread out of every rocky outcrop and the game is plentiful. The mixture of river life with game drives is wonderful and everything feels very tranquil here.


Ruaha is now fast becoming known as one of the best places to see big cats and action – here the game viewing is exceptional and sightings coming back from Ruaha in the dry season rival the Serengeti easily. The landscape here is also varied and they even have a baobab forest, something which is both as magical as it is rare. Image courtesy of private guide Sam Stogdale.

The Location

Although both these parks are exceptionally far away from civilisation actually to reach them is very easy on a light aircraft from Dar es Salaam – they are by far the two most remote parks which are easiest to reach. You can be in the Selous by 11h00 having left London at 20h00 the night before, something which cannot be said of anywhere as wild as these places.

The Camps

The safari operators who have chosen to build luxury safari camps and lodges here have imagination, determination and passion for the wilderness which has lead to some of East Africa’s most magical properties being located here. Only someone with a true intense love for the wild would go through the logistics of building a lodge here.

The Price

As Southern Tanzania safaris are relatively unknown the luxury safari operators cannot charge the prices of Northern Tanzania – this means that your luxury Southern Tanzania safari will be such good value for money it will probably ruin you for all future safaris. The lodges and camps are extremely luxurious while being private and exclusive, and easily rival the luxurious properties in Northern Tanzania. There are always special offers on and as usual all the luxury safaris are all inclusive.

The Activities

Southern Tanzania has a freedom about it that Northern Tanzania doesn’t and this means that you can walk, take day and night drives, fish, take boat safaris and fly camp – in short your time spent in the bush here will be an authentic and wild African experience.