How about a bit of romance in the wild? Since Valentine’s day coming has been and gone, there may still be a few of you looking for some ideas to make sure your loved ones receive the best present of all time? Well look no further than South Africa. A belated short trip to the most magical place in South Africa would be Tanda Tula. This small and intimate camp is located in the beautiful Timbavati region of the Kruger. This part of the larger Kruger National Park is a quiet hub filled to bursting with the most wonderful wildlife viewing opportunities.

Tanda Tula itself lies on the banks of a dried-up riverbed, which is often used as a wildlife highway system. Tanda Tula’s rooms line the banks of what was once a flowing torrent of water but now it is the perfect location to lie in your comfy bed, looking out onto this wild highway and seeing what you can spot. Perhaps you may be too tired from the day’s activities to keep your eyes open, and you have already been lulled to sleep to the tunes of the African bush. By morning however, you will see what sort of activity has taken place. Footprints in the sand will give up the ghost of the passing wildlife – large disc shapes of passing herds of elephant, cloven hoofs of kudu, impala, wildebeest or even buffalo. Tiny paw prints from jackal, genet or civet and perhaps the ominous larger paw prints of perhaps lion, hyena or even the elusive leopard.

The rooms at Tanda Tula are small but perfect. Combining both a canvas tent for the bedroom with solid structured walls for the bathroom and outside shower. For those wary people amongst you, this is the perfect property to feel safe yet slightly adventurous.

The wildlife around this camp is superb; from troops of baboon marching their way down the river bed, cheeky vervet monkeys leaping elegantly from tree to tree, the noise of lions roaring somewhere just off in the distance, the sound of elephants crunching their way through the undergrowth and the gentle chorus of birds and insects thrumming through the bush – this place is absolute magic.

The staff and guides that work at Tanda Tula are utterly brilliant. From the moment you arrive you really don’t have to lift a finger. You will be welcomed with a warm welcome smile and your bag will be removed toot suite and will be already waiting in your room. Tanda Tula also do a mean gin and tonic, if this isn’t the only reason to go, then I don’t know what will persuade you.

If you are interested in treating your loved one to a belated valentine’s day gift, then this will be the perfect surprise present. Please head to our contact page and send through as much details as you can so we can begin working on your ultimate South African getaway – we love talking about everything Africa, so give us a call!