Surprises abound in Cape Town! The entire continent of Africa, vast as it is, is a land full of never ending surprises and chockablock with diversity. Modern technology, seeps through our daily lives and has even caught up with routing to Africa becoming remarkably easier than it has ever been. The latest editions in air connectivity means you can now experience the very best across the continent in Ellerman House‘s ‘Unexpected Journey’.

You can now ‘combine a city escape in Cape Town, frequently dubbed, and I quote, the best city in the world – with the roaring wildlife action of Kenya’s Masai Mara, topped off with the tranquillity of the world’s most exclusive private island in the Seychelles. This suggested itinerary marries both privacy and exclusivity at the three properties that all have one thing in common – and overall sense of generous hearted hospitality along with tailor-made exceptional experiences, with the aim to encourage you to immerse yourself in the exquisite natural beauty of your surroundings. Etched in luxury – this we are told and can most definitely agree with – this is most certainly one for your bucket list.’

There has been much press about the dramatic drought that has affected Cape Town. We can gladly say that Cape Town seems to be making a turn for the better. News have come in that the drought has almost ceased, and rain has made its way to the city, filling up the thirst quenched dams, as well as the thirst quenched people! Every saved drop, every rain dance performed by those far and wide, every tank filled with glorious rain water has finally paid off. A healthy winter rain and a common goal amongst all the Capetonians and visitors to Cape Town to use the restricted water responsibly, has paid dividends and helped the local water reserves to regenerate enough to push the hypothetical ‘day zero’ out indefinitely. With the fantastic news, we still would like to push that worldwide, using water responsibly is incredibly important and if we start acting responsibly now, we will, like Cape Town, pay dividends in the end.

Ellerman House, this fantastically located hotel within Cape Town have rocked, they have rolled, they have laughed and cried with the recent Ellerman Sessions with The Parletones being a humungous success. We have been told the wonderful Catherine Grenfell was a simply superb host who guided the conversation from the bands ‘day one’ right up to the present day.

Cape Town has such an array of fascinating and wonderful activities to seek out, take part in and really enjoy. From simply relaxing at one of the wonderful hotels we have offer on our books, like Mannabay, Ellerman House, The One and Only, 21 Nettleton and The Cape Grace to name but a few, you can also enjoy fascinating day tours of the Winelands – its only a 45 minute scenic drive out of the city centre and what is more tantalising than the expectation that there will be the most delicious cool glass of wine made from the local vines grown within the region. This is just one of the activities you can enjoy and even I became carried away with it… imagine what else you can get up too whilst staying in Cape Town?!