If you love the African skyline of rolling lands, open Serengeti, views that seem endless with wildlife dotted intermittently along your view. The winding herds of zebra emerging into the open spaces from the closed bush, zig zagging their way to find a safe spot to hunker down in over the night. Then Chem Chem is the place for you. Think big skies, wonderful sights and delicious smells. Fabia and Nicolas who run the Chem Chem collection themselves always envisioned a complete and utter conservation haven where both people and the wild cosy up close to one another and live harmoniously side by side. Both respect the other to enable they both have the freedom to flourish and explore to their hearts content, side by side.

With over 50,000 acres of completely private and entirely untainted wilderness to explore, this stunning back drop to Chem Chem, Little Chem Chem and Chem Chem Forest Camp have completely nailed the balance and truly evoke the true intimacy and freedom of an entirely unique, vintage safari. Sundowners usually take place on the shores of Lake Manyara or Lake Barunge (whether they are dried up or not, the shore line offer stunning views of the surrounding vista and beyond) where you will arrive after your afternoon game drive to the spectacular sight of a vintage land rover, stunning traditional wooden drinks cabinet with a plethora of sumptuous delights to drink, as well as a burning fire pit, comfortable chairs and your own personal butler offering you delicious treats to nibble on as the sun disappears beyond the horizon. Once you experience this, you will totally understand what pure bliss is.

At the beginning when Chem Chem first underwent her wonderful build, the land in which she stands required a vast imagination and a bucket full of determination to boot! As mentioned before, the vital connection between Lake Manyara & Tarangire National Park, the wildlife viewing within this area was not at all used frequently, and the private concession where Chem Chem stands had very little to no game at all.

Working tirelessly side by side with the government, the national parks and the local communities, Chem Chem has been able to completely change this land around, totally re-establishing the area as one of the most wildlife-dense and extremely exciting private photographic safari destinations within Northern Tanzania. If you are up for it, and do not mind the long travel time, combining the wetlands of Botswana, or the arid deserts of Namibia with Northern Tanzania make for the most superb and highly contrasting safaris – but you will have to be prepared for long travelling time!

With the equal balance Chem Chem has with the local communities, knowing what they need to be able to flourish as well as knowing what the local wildlife need is a wonderful intricate balance which Chem Chem seem to have mastered. Chem Chem would like to thank the on-going support they have with their wonderful guests and long may it last!