Ever thought of the process of getting to and from places within Africa? Hopefully I am not telling you to suck eggs, I am merely letting you know the process of getting to and from most places in Africa if you are unsure – many people think it will be a relatively short drive between camps, but some of the distances are misleading when looking at a global map.

Tanzania for example, is a vast country within Africa. To give you an idea, to travel from the Southern Serengeti to the Northern Serengeti will take you well over 8 hours to drive. To fly will only take you 45 minutes or even half and hour – so of course, we always recommend flying wherever possible just so you can have the most time relaxing and enjoy the property and surroundings you are staying in as flights only take a couple of hours!

We have had news from the Legendary team, that include properties such as Mwiba Lodge, Legendary Lodge in Arusha and Legendary Serengeti Camp, who have recently announced to help with overall costings for quotes. They will now include free flights between camps and lodges! Fantastic! Legendary are working alongside Chem Chem in Tarangire as well. If you would like to venture out to Tanzania, then these lodges are the ones to visit. Combine any of the Chem Chem lodges with any of the Legendary lodges and you will receive free flights in between destinations.

‘For the first 6 nights, and every subsequent night at a different camp/lodge, receive a flight between the camps and lodges found in these protected wilderness areas. Craft the ultimate northern Tanzania journey for exceptional value with these unique destinations.’

They have also announced another fantastic offer of a four-night walking safari. You will start your adventure at fly camping for the first three nights finished off with one night at Mwiba tented camp. All this will be set within the totally private Mwiba Wildlife Reserve and Makao WMA which when included altogether combines a total of 125,000 acres. Don’t panic, it is not just walking – although a walking safari is a personal favourite as you can see every tiny example of what makes the African bush what it is – it really is fascinating. However, if this doesn’t tickle your fancy (!) then there is also the option of experiencing a safari from the back of a luxury 4×4 safari vehicle.

‘With the expertise of a specialist walking guide and a private fly-camp in a vast expanse of wilderness, the four-night Mwiba Walking Safari experience embraces the thrill of adventure found in fly-camping and walking safaris.’

If you would like to talk in more detail about what you could get up to on a once in a lifetime trip to Tanzania, then please give us a call! We are always happy to talk about everything to do with Africa – honestly, we could spend all day! If the above short format safari appeals to you, then please give us a call or send us an email, we will be waiting in eager anticipation…!