Last week Rose, our MD here at The Luxury Safari Company was one of the first agents, probably the only agent, to visit Tanzania post lockdown from the UK – it wasn’t hard to stop her from finding the first flight out to Kilimanjaro. Although it took her around 26 hours to eventually get there (having to endure a delayed stopover in Addis Ababa!) she touched down in the open and blustery plains of the Serengeti.

Staying at the wonderful Namiri Plains, she was welcomed with open arms by the camp staff who have been isolating within the camps away from their families, in wait for the borders to open in other countries, so they are ready and prepared to welcome guests – so the sight of Rose arriving was a real blessing.

Rewinding backwards, prior to Rose landing into Tanzania, which she documented on a daily basis (bush WiFi dependant) she explained that on arriving into Heathrow Airport, everything was incredibly sanitised and very well regulated with regards to PPE being worn by every member of staff in the airport. At no point on her travels did she feel scared or unsafe with regards to hygiene. Once in the Serengeti at Namiri, all of the staff were wearing masks, so as to make you feel safe and again, there was hand sanitiser available everywhere. Each of the rooms at Namiri Plains are very spacious and spread out, so if you were to visit this stunning camp, then you will have the knowledge you are very unlikely to come in to contact with anyone else in camp – if you do, you will have ample space to socially distance and not feel worried. You can see further details of how this experience will be with Rose’s videos straight from the locations in Tanzania.

Further to this, there are more details on COVID-19 terms and conditions that The Luxury Safari Company have in place.

Apart from this, there are the most incredible videos which was have uploaded onto our youtube account, of the wildlife viewing that Rose was lucky enough to see. The guides and Rose worked out she was probably the only foreigner/agent throughout the whole of the Serengeti at one point. Quite a special feeling we can only imagine.

From unreal sightings of large prides of lion with tiny month-old cubs, to cheetah brothers roaming the plains in search of a Thompson or two, hyena, buffalo, the beginnings of the migration creeping up from further south, the sightings Rose saw were ones she will never forget.

Please do have a look at our YouTube account for up to date information, from the ground. At the beginning of August, we will have more exciting live updates to inform you with. We have also installed our ‘Tails from the Bush’ podcast, currently on Spotify and soon to be on Apple. Here are interviews with well-known bush folk who live and love the bush, talking about their wonderful memories from within the heart of Africa.