The North & Himalayas

The Greater Himalayas has 14 peaks of over 8,000 metres making it the only mountain range of this kind – it stretches for 2,700 kms and the scenery when on holiday up here is dramatic and mesmerising. The term Himalaya means ‘Abode of Snow’ and many of the peaks are constantly covered in snow and ice, Summers on the foothills are nice and cool and Winters are cooler but not freezing.

Many of India’s great rivers start here in the Himalayas – the Ganges, Brahmaputra, Indus. The foothills where these rivers flow are truly magical in terms of landscapes and exploration opportunities. Here you will explore Kashmir, take on some mountain trekking in Ladakh, and even take expeditions looking for the elusive snow leopard.

This area was adopted as the summer Capital of British India in 1863 due to its temperate summer climate and refreshing mountain air and is regarded as one of India’s most famous hill stations. Until the British discovered the little village of Shimla in 1819, it was part of the kingdom of Nepal. In 1864 it was declared British India’s summer capital. The narrow-gauge Kalka to Shimla railway was completed in 1903 and offers a fascinating journey through the countryside. Shoppers should visit The Mall, a pedestrian avenue, is know for its handicrafts and the Lakkar Bazaar  specializes in wooden toys and crafts.