The Great Rift Valley in Africa is one of the most famous set of lakes in the world, and my gosh does it live up to expectations – this area is so beautiful it will take your breath away and offers dramatic scenery, flamingoes, hippos, crocs and other amazing birdlife, as well as often attracting vast numbers of game species. Here are our favourite lake lodges in Africa – of course there are many more which are also worth a visit!

Samatian Island, Kenya is a private Island on Lake Baringo, which has the view of the Laikpia escarpment as its backdrop. The accommodation consists of five open, thatched roof chalets all with their own sitting room and bathroom. Guests can do a number of activities including canoeing, wake boarding, boat trips to see the teeming birdlife Baringo has to offer and cultural trips to the local village. The lodge has excellent guides and staff to help make your stay as comfortable as possible; this also includes a qualified masseuse. Samatian is the perfect lakeside lodge to relax, lounge by the infinity pool and have a tranquil mid safari break on the shores of your own self-contained island.

Hippo Point, Kenya is a situated on the shores of Lake Naivasha. Naivasha being part of the great rift valley is classified as a national park. Boasting over 400 specie’s of birds and a numerous number of games plain including buffalo, waterbuck, zebra. It also well-known for the hippos that spend there days splashing in the water and basking in the sun, only to come out at night and peacefully graze, on the immaculate English style lawn. That stretches before the beautiful Victorian style manor that is Hippo Point. The Manor has 8 spacious rooms as well as the famous dodo tower (which is shaped like a wooden pagoda) that has an additional 5 rooms. This is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the sunny days and cool breezes Lake Naivasha has to offer while sitting in a truly magical spot.

Chem Chem Lodge, Tanzania is situated within the privileged wildlife management area of Burunge. This vintage safari style lodge consists of 8 large en suite secluded tents nestled amongst the wild landscape each with a private lake view. Each room is fitted with indoor and outdoor showers, and has a private patio with huge luxury daybeds.

Chem Chem Lodge also has a number of exciting activity’s available to its guests these include Flamingo watching at lake Manyara, bush walks and runs with maasai guides, private bush dinning experiences and luxury hot air balloon rides. If you would prefer to relax in camp they also offer a number of different spa treatments available.

The tarangire national park famous for its ancient baobab trees lies to the north east of the lodge. The huge park, which teems with wildlife, transforms from a baked bronzed savannah in the dry season to a luscious green oasis in the wet.

Greystoke Mahale, Tanzania is a unique, high-end camp that sits on a white-sand beach overlooking Lake Tanganyika’s clear waters inside the remote Mahale Mountains National Park. The adventure starts on the journey, once you land in Katavi you’ll be greeted by camp staff and travel the final leg of the journey on Greystokes large wooden dhow. Sailing on the still turquoise waters of lake Tanganyika up to this extraordinary camp with its thatched high roof and open sides, which lets in the lake breeze. Sailing up the impressive backdrop of the densely forested Mahale Mountains offers a stark contrast to the open water and beach that stretches before the lodge.