Etosha National Park Location: Kunene region of North Western Namibia
Climate: May-Sep offers the best game viewing, as they are the coolest and driest months; Nov-Mar is the rainy season, with Jan-Mar being the hottest months here. The in between months which are neither wet nor dry are very pleasant
Typical Landscape: Vast salt pans, bushveld, wildlife.

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Etosha National Park is dominated by the stunning Etosha pan, a salt pan which is roughly 130km long and 50km wide – it is usually dry but fills with water briefly in the Summer, which in turn attracts scores of pelicans and flamingos which make your safari here even more colourful than usual. Perennial springs attract a variety of animals and birds all year round, including black rhino and the endemic black faced impala.

The long fence which now encircles the park’s 850km boundary has helped to control the spread of disease between wildlife and domestic animals – and the animals now congregate around waterholes, with many new waterholes being constructed in the last few years making for an excellent Etosha safari. Game viewing here is fantastic, and offers the perfect combination with your desert drives and relaxing scenic stays.

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