Skeleton Coast Safaris

Skeleton Coast Location: West Coast of Namibia
Climate: Misty mornings, hot days and cool nights – desert
Typical Landscape: Coastal desert

The Skeleton Coast is in the Northern part of Namibia and is so called due to the heavy fogs, which often descend upon the area due to cold Atlantic Ocean wind meeting hot desert air – this has caused many a ship to sink, so causing ‘skeletons’ to be washed up on the Skeleton Coast, as well as the  beached whale and seal bones which would wash up on the shore when the whale industry was still operational. The bushmen of Namibia call the Coast “The Land God Made In Anger”.In the days of human-powered boats it was possible to get ashore through the surf but impossible to launch from the shore. The only way out was by going through a marsh hundreds of miles long and only accessible through a hot and arid desert.

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Wrecks include the Eduard Bohlen, the Otavi, the Dunedin Star and the Tong Taw. The Coast is generally soft, occasionally relieved by rocky outcrops. The coast has been subject to a number of wildlife documentaries due to the severe adaptations wildlife has had to make to live at the Skeleton Coast.

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