Talking all things Tanzania! Following Kenya & South Africa, Tanzania is probably one of the top places to travel to for superb wildlife viewing. If you’re after diverse eco-systems, then northern Tanzania is the place for you. From the almost humid tropical areas surrounding Arusha, to the standard African bush life in Tarangire, head on up to the hugely beautiful Ngorongoro Crater where you feel like you have entered the realms of another planet. Finish your northern Tanzania circuit within the supremely majestic Serengeti, with its open plains rolling for miles and miles. You really are spoilt for choice.

Arrive into Kilimanjaro and spend your first night amongst the coffee plantations of Arusha Coffee Lodge or River trees Arusha. Extremely comfortable accommodation, delicious food, they are the perfect start to your trip in Tanzania, making sure you are settled in and feeling fully recovered for the adventure that awaits you.

Either hire a private guide to escort you through your time within Northern Tanzania or fly in between places – travelling by road can be quite lengthy and quite arduous, Northern Tanzania is a lot bigger than it looks, do not be deceived! Travelling by road can be as much as 8 hours long (minimum!), but if you were to fly in between the reserves, this would only take a couple of hours at most.

Tarangire would ideally be your first destination point – full to the brim with incredible wildlife viewing and famous for its huge herds of elephant slowly meandering their way across the African bush and open plains of the Tarangire reserve. Literally take a walk on the wild side and stroll through the bush with your guide and ranger, stretch those aching limbs and take in a closer look at the flora and fauna of the surrounding reserve: track impala, elephant or even lion! Stay at Kuro Tarangire, a wonderful eco-lodge snuggled hidden amongst the bush along an elephant highway (or dried up river to you and me!) for families we would recommend Oliver’s Camp or if you are after that bit more, Chem Chem and Little Chem Chem, located on the edge of Tarangire’s National Reserve, within their own private conservancy is sensational and wonderfully private – with delicious food!

Catch a flight to Manyara and be met by your safari guide before heading up the side of the crater wall, reaching the top and stopping to take in the utterly breath-taking view that is the Ngorongoro Crater. Many people assume it was formed by a huge meteor that crashed into the earth’s surface, however, it is in fact the mouth of a now dormant volcano which erupted millions of years ago with such force it created a huge void within and hence collapsed in on itself, causing what is now a fascinating naturally formed eco-system itself. It has one of the highest populations of hyena which you can hear calling and howling eerily within the night, bouncing off the walls of the crater walls, taking full advantage of its amphitheatre like acoustics.

Stay at Entamanu Ngorongoro, which is wonderful to link with Kuro Tarangire. Entamanu is set within the bows of ancient moss covered acacia trees, teetering right on the edge of the crater. You are spoilt for choice with views here – on one side you have the crater and then on the other side you look over the Serengeti, here your mind works on overdrive to decide on where to look! the rooms here are simply wonderful, very very comfortable beds and very private. Temperatures can drop quite dramatically here, but the staff are incredibly and will always make sure your bed is warmed with a hot water bottle and the fire is well stoked. For a bit more glamour, perhaps &beyond’s Crater lodge may appeal with its very quirky design and is a lodge a bit more solid in structure.

Take advantage of your private guide or hop on a plane in Manyara to the open plains of the Serengeti. One of the most breath-taking scenes to witness is this vast open landscape dotted with lone Accacia trees as well as the migration of thousands upon thousands of wildebeest and zebra that circle this national park on a continuous clockwise loop, heading north to the Masai Mara from July through to September and then they journey back down to the southern Serengeti in search of fresh pastures and safe places to give birth to their young. There are many camps here that follow the migration on their yearly loop such as Serengeti Safari Camp, Legendary Serengeti Mobile Camp, Serengeti Under Canvas to name but a few and these are perfect for Safari goers who are wanting to really get back to nature with a tiny hint of luxury – within your canvas tents. For those wanting a bit more glamour, then Singita is the place for you – Singita Faru Faru, Singita Sabora, Singita Sasakwa and Singita Explorers and Singita Serengeti House (phew! There’s quite a few!). Contact us for more advise on where to go and what to do and you will most certainly not be disappointed! We absolutely LOVE it!