Location: Nosy Ankao, Madagascar
Style: Exclusive and private luxury villa retreat
Highlights: An extremely luxurious villa hotel with impeccable service, the only 5* resort within Madagascar worth staying at.
Dining: Dining area or in your private villa or around the hotel, gourmet michelin star standard

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Miavana Madagascar is an island that inspires true bare foot adventure and luxury to boot when staying at Time + Tide’s Miavana. Journey to one of Madagascar’s archipelago islands by helicopter, to the island of Nosy Ankao, where you will land to be greeted with open arms by the friendly staff from Miavana. Here you have arrived home, a home from home. At Miavana you have no need to lift a finger, you will be waited on hand and foot by the expert service of the wonderful staff. Sip on freshly squeezed juice, enjoy smoothies bursting with flavours whilst taking in the sights, sounds and smells that surround you. Behind you, you will have the lush green jungle, perhaps with a cheeky crowned lemur peering down at you from on high. Look out onto the vibrantly coloured Indian ocean on the other side, the azure waters which are electric blue inviting you to swim amongst colourful marine life and effervescently coloured corals, all the time being surrounded by wonderfully warm waters.

Miavana’s rooms are very private, extremely spacious and will always incorporate the stunning surrounding views of Nosy Ankao from the sea to the land.

If strolling through the jungle, or swimming amongst the offshore corals doesn’t suit you, perhaps you may like to enjoy a fascinating tour of Miavana’s room of curiosities. Fit to bursting with items discovered in and around Miavana, you are in for an intriguing trip; discovering historical oddities from a huge skeleton of an enormous elephant bird which once inhabited Madagascar, to the Portuguese influence from years gone by with a complete suite of armour brought back from the depths of the ocean. Finally, perhaps the collection of butterflies may intrigue you – there are tonnes of things to discover here at Miavana.

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