Praslin Island

Location: 44 km North East of Mahe, North East in the Seychelles Archipelago
Climate: Hottest months are Dec – Apr, with Jul & Aug being the coolest, trade winds blow from May – Nov, and this is the most pleasant time to go as it is hot and dry, with low humidity
Typical Landscape:  Island with sandy beaches, turquoise ocean and large tracts of tropical forest

Praslin Island is the second largest island in the Seychelles, after Mahe, and was often used historically as a hideaway for pirates and Arab merchants. As well as the pristine and beautiful beaches Praslin also boasts large tracts of tropical forest, with birds such as the endemis Seychelles bulbul and Seychelles black parrot. The Vallee de Mai Nature Preserve is known for the unique coco de mer and vanilla orchids. Praslin is surrounded by Curieuse Island, La Digue, Cousin Island and Aride Island.