Climb Kilimanjaro

Your Kilimanjaro Climb will being near Arusha which is a small town in Northern Tanzania, which is a fantastic beginning or end point to any luxury Tanzania safari, we have a number of small boutique hotels, with stunning views, rooms and facilities to match – alternatively let us know if you have somewhere you would like to stay, we can work with any property you like. You might even like to stay in a hotel nearer Kilimanjaro, with views of this majestic peak, although please note often you will arrive and depart in the dark.

Kilimanjaro is the world’s tallest free standing mountain at 5895m, and climbing up it represents the ultimate challenge – the perfect addition to any tailor-made luxury Tanzania trip, Kilimanjaro can be conquered in an average of 5 – 9 nights. Africa Rose uses a high-end Kilimanjaro ground handler to operate seamless and safe private Kilimanjaro climbs. See an outline of routes up Kilimanjaro below:

Shira Route: camping: 9 – 10 days: Fantastic route climbing from the West covering the caldera of the Shira volcano, and the rocky formations of Kilimanjaro.

Machame: camping: 6 – 7 nights: This is the second most popular route and offers a good amount of time for acclimatization, scenically stunning.

Marangu: basic huts: 5 – 6 nights: We do not recommend this route, it is hard to acclimatize with the least chance of success.

Rongai*: camping: 6 nights: Rongai is remote and far less frequented than other routes – Rongai offers the wildest and most dramatic scenery.

Lemosho*: camping: 7-8 nights: It is a long drive to reach Lemosho, but the route is less frequented and stunning, with beautiful forests, and scenic walking.

Umbwe: camping: 6 – 7 nights: Umbwe is the most dangerous route, and is very physically taxing, with some serious endurance required. If you do have success here, you will be rewarded ten fold by the incredible scenery and spectacular ridges.

* Through our specialist Kilimanjaro ground agents both the Rongai and Lemosho routes are slightly different and very untravelled, making your climb totally unique – contact us for more information.