Mbali Mbali Gombe

Location: Lake Tanganyika, Western Tanzania
No of rooms: 7 forest tents – children of all ages welcome, for chimp trekking they have to be 15yrs  of age minimum.
Style: Rustic luxury
Highlights: Lake Tanganyika is mind blowingly beautiful – water sports and lake cruiser
Dining: Dining overlooking the Lake and at different locations on the island

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Mbali Mbali means Far Far Away! This is exactly what you will be when staying at Mbali Mbali Gombe. This small intimate camp hides on the shores of Lake Tanganyika underneath the shades of ancient forest trees.

This is one of the only camps in the Gombe Stream National Park made famous through Jane Goodall’s fantastic chimping research. At Mbali Mbali Gombe you can be sure to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and completely immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the surrounding forest and lapping waves of one of the deepest lakes in the world.

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