Mobile Safaris

Kenya is the home of the luxury safari which is why it’s absolutely no surprise that luxury mobile safaris are popular here. They offer you the chance to get off the beaten track and into areas of Kenya which are so beautiful they’ll take your breath away, and so remote that you won’t see another soul. You will find deserted lakes, dry riverbeds, plains and lots of game and will never want to take a safari any other way.

All of our luxury Kenya mobile safaris are with one of our esteemed guides, who are often accompanied by one of our Masai or Samburu teams – they will look after you from beginning to end and are all charismatic and friendly, really making you feel as if you have your own little piece of Africa.

Our mobile safaris range in budgets and style and can suit anyone, with the major bonus being they’re always completely private, can go anywhere you like and include a private guide, staff and chef.