Location: Lamu Archipelago, North Coast Kenya
Climate: Hot all year, wet in Apr, May, Nov.
Typical Landscape: Wide open white sandy beaches, dotted with small, clean, beautiful Swahili settlements.

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Lamu is made up of Lamu Island, and Manda Island, both in the Lamu Archipelago – Lamu town is the headquarters of Lamu district, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – it is one of the oldest living towns in Kenya. The main religion is muslim and Lamu played an important part in the slave trade through it’s port.

On Lamu, no cars exist, merchants and locals travel by boat, and using well cared for donkeys – the streets are immaculate as a team of caretakers clean up every day. The place is steeped in culture and history, from the beginning of settlers in Kenya – and the tall thin Lamu houses are architecturally beautiful. The beaches are long and deserted, although a stay in either Lamu town or Shela is an absolute must, as the buzzing and relaxed atmosphere cannot fail to intoxicate you.

This is Kenya’s most unusual and unique destination, and the friendliness of the locals, and the beauty of the beaches and towns cannot fail to impress. Lamu is definitely idyllic to say the least. A trip on a traditional sailing dhow, is not be to be missed, and watching them come into Lamu for the night is nothing short of spectacular.

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