Location: capital city of Kenya, Central Kenya
Climate: Cold at night, rain through April, May and November
Typical Landscape: Huge overpowering escarpments, lakes

The name Nairobi translated from Masai language means ‘the place of cool waters’ – however it is popularly known as the ‘Green City in the Sun’ and is constantly expanding. 3 million people live in Nairobi, which is 6000 ft above sea level and approximately 696 sp km. Over the last ten years Nairobi has become more prominent and can now compete with other African countries politically and financially.

A night in Nairobi is sometimes necessary due to flight connections, in which case we have a few high end boutique hotels which we recommend – on the other hand you might wish to stay in Nairobi to experience a Kenyan city. There are some fantastic shopping malls, restaurants, and museums. Visit Karen Blixen’s House, still full of her furniture and clothes, or pop to Matbronze to see some intricate and lifelike sculptures of African wildlife, or visit the giraffe sanctuary and feed the endangered Rotschild giraffe, and lastly a visit to Daphne Sheldrick’s Elephant Orphanage is a must.

Nairobi has two airports – the international airport is called Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), and the domestic airport for all domestic flights is known as Wilson airport. They are roughly an hour apart although bad traffic in the morning can make the journey much longer.

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