Sarara Treehouses

Location: Namyunak Wildlife Conservancy, Mathews Range, Northern Kenya
No of rooms: 8 tents
Style: Luxury tents in a remote pristine area of natural beauty
Highlights: The superb scenery and culture and extremely remote – accessed by car, walking or ponies.
Dining: Meals eaten together under the stars or in the comfortable mess area

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One of the newest and most exciting additions to Sarara main camp. This exquisite and very private camp is snuggled into the surrounding forest and can be accessed by foot or by ponies for the ultimate adventure . It takes approximately 2hrs walk either on foot, on bush pony with camels taking your luggage – become that safari explorer you always wanted to be! (It can also be accessed by car, a 20 mins drive from the main camp).

Under the watchful and knowledgable eye of your Samburu guides, you have the freedom to take in the unique flora and fauna and perhaps even spot the rare Colobus and De Brazza Monkeys.

Enjoy long nights around the camp fire, waking up to stunning views of Northern Kenya and enjoy perfectly hot outside showers within your luxury safari tents.

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